Would you trade a wall for Medicare for all


I’m for Medicare for all, just curious as to whenever I post a story from the CATO institute it’s considered a Koch Brothers conspiracy site.


Do forgive the man who wrote that nonsense. I’ve talked to Murphy before and he is a very nice person who is caught up in a dream.


I will.

10 Char.


How pathetic Axx…

Do you think Huffington Post found a double of Barbara Res, had her go on television and say
those words about your con man hero Trump just so they could then link to it and show her saying the words they quoted in the article and that I posted for you?

Truth hurts man, doesn’t it?


I am glad you speak for border patrol. You must be the smart____ person in the room. :crazy_face:


How did you glean that from my post, chief?


I hope dems run on bankrupting medicare by giving it to people who didn’t pay in their entire life to get it…