Would you trade a wall for Medicare for all

Was just seeing how far the opposition is dug in. Would you accept Medicare for all for a great border wall with the deportation of all illegal aliens except DACA who could stay but not vote?

Or would it be

Not in a box. Not with a Fox.
Not in a house. Not with a mouse.
I would not accept a wall here or there.
I would not allow a wall anywhere.
I would not build the wall with bricks and mortar.
All the world can come in and make us poorer.

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hmmm 5 billion for a wall vs an estimated 330 billion a year


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Medicare for all + DACA and a pathway to citizenship for some steel slats? Sign me up.


Just testing :slight_smile:

No pathway to citizenship, but green cards. So they can work but not vote. And the rest rounded up and deported, including overstayed visas.

Add in pathway for citizenship within 10 years since they’ve lived here and contributed to this country the majority of their lives and you can have whatever it costs to put up whatever barriers you would like at the southern border. They’ll probably become republicans, do not sure what the big deal would be.

What would be the savings of 10-20 million illegals gone? I know it’s not the price of Medicare for all but it would have to make a dent long term

Was just throwing it out there to see where we stand. I would love to see like you guys the cost of healthcare to come down.


Medicare for all?

For a wall?

■■■■ yes sign me the ■■■■ up.

Have you considered registering for the Democratic party?

Welcome to the tent, and thank you. Would you like coffee, tea, a cookie, pie, a cupcake, a samosa, a grand slam meal at Denny’s, a box at Taco Bell, two Big Macs, three Whoppers, a free meal at Olive Garden, an Amazon Prime membership, or three free rides with Uber to any destination of your choice under 50 miles?

I love you, platonically.

Thanks I just laughed and spit Pepsi on my laptop, you Sod :stuck_out_tongue:

You could put a wall around the country, and around your own house, 100 feet high, for single payer.

You in?

Cool. Let’s play Grand Theft Auto XXII.

Compromise is a beautiful thing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes. As far as DACA is concerned, we could allow them to become citizens during the next administration. We could also stop payment on the wall then.

I would trade a border wall where border agents deem necessary for a pathway to citizenship for those under the DACA umbrella. Both are the right things to do.

There is no way the Republicans would go for it, but we are shutting down the government for ideological purpose now so why not?

I totally would take that trade and give a Trump the praise and credit he deserves and longs for.

Why don’t we just use better technology on the border and implement a better healthcare system?

This, along with education, is one of the unspoken (by the left) costs of illegal immigration. That is one of the biggest concerns of a Medicare for all system, which has the potential of massively overwhelming Healthcare in the US.

I mean, sure! You want to offer that, I’d absolutely say yes.

I mean, you do realize that last year Democrat’s were ready to give 25 Billion for a Wall in exchange for DACA, until Trumps base three a fit because the deal wasn’t anti-immigrant enough right?

Trump had his chance at that exact deal but torpedoed it a year ago.

Do you see now why people aren’t excited about negotiating with him? It’s practically impossible.