Would you trade a wall for Medicare for all


Wouldza wall be more effective than legislation setting stiff penalties for companies like Trump’s who hire illegal immigrants?


Nope …


Absolutely, especially since a wall won’t do squat and there is zero way to deport all illegals in this country.

I can see Donald doing this deal because he is the greatest deal maker of all time.


Hey geniuses: how does a wall get rid of the millions of undocumented aliens already here?



I’m just tired of politicians (from the left and the right) trying to link non-related issues as part of the art of the deal.

LET LEGISLATION PASS OR FALL on it’s own merits.

Bills to open non-related departments in the the government should pass or fail on their own merits.

Legislation to build the wall across the southern border should pass or fail on it’s own merits.

DACA should pass or fail on it’s own merits.

MediCare for All should pass or fail on it’s own merits.
Just tired of this crap.



How the ■■■■ do you round up and deport 20 million people? Do you understand how much that would cost fiscally and economically?


If it was just a straight up trade for wall for M4A, absolutely.


This would be my preference.


That’s not how compromise works. You have to do a give and take to work things out. If you don’t compromise, you’ll never get anything done. We have a divided government, and no one is going to pass something they don’t want.



If you believe the idea of a few thousand mile wall to be immoral and idiotic, which I agree it is, you don’t simply ignore that to get a policy you want put in place. We’re on our way to Medicare for all or single payer soon enough anyways. You can thank decades of inhumanity from the Republicans on the subject for that. People are tired of paying far more than other nations for less.


When you compromise on a core value…what is the point?


I didn’t saying anything about compromise.

I said that subjects of bills should stand independently.
Compromise on MediCare for all? Sure, it should be in a MediCare bill.

Compromise on a Departments funding? Sure, it should be in the bill for that Department. Not in a bill that has nothing to do with that department.

Compromise on Border Security? Sure, in a bill on DHS (Border Security) but not funding the IRS and National Parks that have nothing to do with the southern border? No.



I guess I would ask you what is a core value? If you build a wall, but get M4ALL in the process: is the trade-off worth it?

Now, an open government for a wall is not a trade-off at all, and should not be considered a compromise.


Which of course is completely without context and would be cheaper than what we have now. But I suppose better to spend more for worst outcomes!!! #MAGA!!


How does a wall accomplish that?


Because silly…when you build a wall, suddenly everything on your side of it that you don’t want there magically disappears. That’s how walls work and why they’re so effective! Didn’t anyone teach you this in school?


Exactly. Trump doesn’t care about a wall. Not one bit. He cares about the idea more so than anything because it riled up the rubes and plays well to Rush, Ann, Levin, and Sean.

The money would be better spent on technology and enforcing the laws that are supposed to prohibit people just like Trump from hiring illegal immigrants.


330 billion a year?


Numbers thrown out for MediCare for all was 33 Trillion over 10 years. That would be 330 Billion per year.

(Although, my understanding of that number is that it does not account for what would have been paid over 10 years if the current private insurance model is maintain. It’s intended as a shock number to scare people.)


There was nothing in my post about the wall.