Would you trade a wall for Medicare for all


if it’s medicare for all? Really? How’s that going to work?


Adding another 3.2 trillion to the national budget is expensive. But Obama Care didn’t really address any of the things that make helthcare so expensive. Just tryied to get the insurance rates down without really addressing the other issues.


You don’t know anyone eligible for medicare that has private insurance?


Have you looked at the penalties associated wtih bypassing medicare when your eligible for it?


It isn’t adding anything. $3.2 trillion is less than $3.5 trillion not more.


Perhaps you could link to it


The reason they are trying to trade their stupid wall for medicare for all is because they know that medicare for all is inevitable.


Sure it is.

Current federal budget is about 3.2 trillion dollars. Only funding for limited medicare involved in that budget (for those who have reached the age were it kicks in). Then you can along with it purchase the other parts.

Now the estimate to cover those NOT in the system is 33 trillion over 10 years. So 3.3 trillion dollars. That would make the federal budget 6.5 trillion dollars a year.

Unless more deficite spending, American’s and businesses would have to have 3.3 trillion dollars in NEW taxes added.


So you didn’t know about that little part of it then?


Are you talking about the late enrollment penalty or a penalty for having private insurance because they aren’t even remotely the same thing


Apparently as much as you do


Could you link to the government figure that says it’s 3.2 trillion additional?


Late enrollment penalty if you fail to enrole in medicare at the government required age.

So say you have private insurance, I guess you COULD sign up for medicare and along with your private insurance pay the premiums for part a and part b.

If you don’t sign up for medicare (with the private insurance). When you do sign up, you get hit with penalties that don’t go away (one penalty was an increase of 10% per year you don’t enroll (so say after 3 years, your premium would be 30% higher).


Yeah that isn’t a penalty for having private insurance in the slightest


At least we agree that the “lack of choice” is nothing but a talking point if the choice is never actually taken away


CBO hasn’t done a cost estimate yet. But a left leaning organization looked at the Bernie Sanders plan and came up with $32 trillion over 10 years.

An independent analysis of Sanders’s plan conducted by the left-leaning Urban Institute estimated that it would cost $32 trillion over 10 years.

That would be single payer, no deductible.

Read the Forbes article. Several states have done their own studies to see what it would cost to implement it at a state level and have found the costs and assosiated taxes to cover it were cost prohibitive.


Quite the bargain!


We can have medicare for all without building a Wile e Coyote style wall.


I love your wit. “Wile E. Coyote style wall”, “The Constitution Nerd” (i.e., name for Levin’s show), etc.


Big thanks to the Cato Institute.