Would you trade a wall for Medicare for all


NBC exclusive. It’s ok our fence will have automated machine gun turrets.


I like how Jim Acosta went to the border along a section with the wall, and reported he didn’t see any problems at all with people trying to cross, no emergencies, nothing like that.

Thank you for proving walls work Jim. Couldn’t have done a better job of that myself.


I think it is you missing the point… of the current wall works… why are we wasting 25 billion dollars building a new one? Doesn’t that seem like government waste?


And the problems occurring along the areas with no wall?


Serious question: what problems are those? The majority of illegal drugs come across the border at points of entry, not between them. What are the statistics over the past ten years for illegal crossings? Has there been a sharp increase over the past two years, sufficient to suspend normal Congressional control of federal spending? What are the statistics that justify an extraordinary application of executive power?

Show your work, please.


What problems along the border with no wall? I have yet to see a single video of wide open borders and the paths people take to go across. You mean we have 700 miles of fencing and we missed areas where fencing would be viable (meaning without natural barriers)?

Why hasn’t this admin showed the American people a map of the current border with circles and photos around the areas where we are unprotected?


According to the CPB and articles, there ar espies for certain months that are higher compared to the past two years. Over the past two years though, the rate of illegals crossing the border has been pretty constant.


:rofl: At least you’re FINALLY waking up to the fact that that is the only way your stupid wall would do any good.

:rofl: :rofl: Your boi Trump is an idiot.


“This is the very first time I’ve seen him in a situation where he doesn’t have the leverage. He was a great deal maker because he sued everybody and he ran them dry. He’d never agree to arbitration because that goes quickly. He’d drag them through the courts until they reached the point where they’d go broke or they’d make the deal he wanted.” - Barbara Res former VP in charge of construction in Trump organization

Anyone with half a brain had figured that out long ago.


He does have leverage: don’t fund the government.

Unless Republicans break from him, the government will remain closed. Will Kentucky please primary McConnell in 15 months? We need a leader who works for the country and not himself.


We’ve (I’ve?) gotten off track a little. So, what is the consensus? Would people approve of a bill that included a proper cement wall on the southern border(even if it may be a bad idea) and Medicare-4-All (even if it may be a bad idea)?


The OP suggests a trade.

A wall in exchange for a promise of Medicare for all. (The promise is coming from Donald Trump).

No. Even though I was dropped on my head as a baby, even I wouldn’t trade what he wants in exchange for a promise of future action.



I know one thing they’d accept it for. A guarantee of doing several main things
that would lead to their precious Socialism that they desperately want so much in America!

Despite Americans not wanting Socialism. The Democratic Party will push it on you,
weather you like it or not! (Example; Obamacare!) lol.


Not true. Nothing but nonsensical shouting into the void.


That number is lower than the 3.5 trillion the country spent in 2017 on healthcare so what’s the problem

  • NHE grew 3.9% to $3.5 trillion in 2017, or $10,739 per person, and accounted for 17.9% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).



lack of choice
mandated coverage
government shouldn’t be doing it
employers and employee’s taxed so the government pays for it

Should I continue?


Lack of choice? You would still be free to have your own policy


So the prior post about it being too expensive was just a deflection. Once it becomes clear that it’s actually cheaper the rhetoric changes to government overreach. Got it :rofl:


No, you aren’t getting a damn wall.


LOL, yeah I’m sure a lot of people will hate not having to choose between branded heart surgeries or some ■■■■■