Would you trade a wall for Medicare for all


I’ll go with hell no to both. Thanks anyway.


I just said it was possible and has happened all throughout history, all the way back to The Battle of Edessa and the Babylonian exile in 597 B.C. You said it’s impossible I am just showing it isn’t.


That’s still a wall, just because they ran out of concrete doesn’t mean it’s not doing what the Israelis intended for it to do, which was to slow down terrorism by keeping another group on the other side out.


I don’t think any of those will shoot on illegally crossing, they will however put them in jail (more sensible) although I am not sure about Turkey.


I would trade giving foreign aid to countries who hate us, or giving to planned parenthood or other social agenda organization. Trump is not asking for much.


I think we can do better than Obamacare but would agree to those terms.


Why? All it would be is trading the U.S.’ sovereignty for the government to have more control over its people. It’s a lose-lose for freedom and for the individual (despite it being good for the collective).

The suicide by hanging rate in the UK, where they already have universal healthcare, is climbing. I mod two mental health support groups on Facebook, and not a day goes by without people in th UK and Australia complaining about the waiting list. In London, people have stated that there are people on top of bridges every single day wanting to jump.

(this is just female suicide rates, males are higher)

Overall, it just gives government (who are not medical professionals, but politicians more concerned with getting a paycheck than they are with constituents) more control over a person, less freedom for that person to choose healthcare providers.

Not to mention that the countries who have universal healthcare, even Canada, have significantly smaller population and stricter immigration policies than the U.S. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, sorry.


What would probably be better is regulations on big pharma, such as a ceiling on how much they can charge. That would slash healthcare costs immensely.


You think cons would go for more regulations?


I think big pharma is out of control. As I’ve always said, a little bit of regulation is a good thing. I know for a fact Conservatives and Libertarians would not go for universal healthcare.


Hold on. You are actually arguing that single payer health care increases suicide rates? How in the world did you come to that conclusion? This should be good!


Well gee, Einstein, I guess medical and mental health problems just say “oh whoops! You’re still on the waiting list. Guess I better pause on giving this person problems, until they can get in to see the doctor.”

Medical and mental problems don’t adhere to a schedule. As someone waits, which is bound to happen in a country with universal healthcare, the problem progresses and gets worse. So yes, indirectly, universal healthcare contributes to suicide rates, because waiting = suffering = reduced quality of life = suicidal ideation/urges. It really isn’t that hard to figure out, pumpkin!



I just don’t see why cons would want for profit healthcare. I think the same about private prisons. Why make those things beholding to a profit motive?


How does placing a ceiling on their prices jive with free markets/capitalism/limited government?

What other businesses do you propose government cap prices?


I think that people who are convicted of non-violent crimes should have their sentences reduced, and those who are convicted of crimes involving marijuana should be given pardon, as weed is becoming legal in more and more areas around the U.S.



If I don’t want:
a postal service;
a mandatory retirement plan;
a standing military;
free use of an interstate highway system;
public education;
clean air and water;
etc. etc. etc. … or;
35 lawyers to defend the President against criminal or impeachable charges…

why should I have to pay for it?




Oh, so if they pay taxes they become a citizen. That’s all it takes? Start paying taxes and you’re golden.


No. I didn’t make that argument. If you want to know my position on something, ask what it is. Don’t just frame a straw man as a question as if that’s my position.


What is your position then? Liberals seem to want to make it as easy as possible, with hardly any punitive measures or obligations.