Would the democratic party die without racism?

I think they would. If 40 percent of the minority vote went to republicans, the democratic party would collapse. This is why they absolutely MUST be racially divisive to have any power. Creating racism where none exists. Anything and everything can and will be called racially offensive. They would have you believe under every cop’s hat, lies a Klan hood. Since actual acts of racism are pretty rare, they like to blame everybody. Calling it institutional racism. Then there are the outright lies. Biden claiming that “They want to put Y’all back in chains.” Who they hell are “they” Joe? Got any names? And again when he claimed he can’t tell if this is 2020 or 1920. Such an absurd statement. Can you copy and paste cases of individual racism? Of course. Because we always will have a few flawed people. No laws can change that. But many dems are no better than Jussie Smallet. Perfectly willing to manufacture racism if they can get away with it. Without it, they are as dead as Millard Fillmore. And they know it. Ask yourselves this question: On a scale of one to ten, how are your personal race relations. I’ll start.

Mine are a ten.

Both parties do it!

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But one would completely completely fail without it. Which is why they are totally obsessed with race.

BTW. How do you rate your own race relations?

Until both parties get rid of racism in their party I refuse to critique only one


That will never happen because of what I said.

Because we always will have a few flawed people. No laws can change that.

So you can’t criticize anyone who tries to jack up racial tension until every person in America is a good person? As Mr. Spock once said. “This is not logical.”

Oh, and one more thing. How do you rate your own race relations?

No…they can still fall back on facists, nazis, homophobes, xenophobes…and let’s not forget deplorables. :sunglasses:

NO they don’t!! :angry: The “other” party has been intimidated and to cowardly to fight back against the racial slurs & identity politics they end up pandering and hoping the press & their leftist peers will like them or at least leave them alone or they take the arrogant “above it all” position that GWB did.

President Trump has put a bit of courage into the “other” political party in Congress which is the only party that has a slim chance of cleaning up the filth in DC, the Democrats are off the rails in sedition and treason mode.

On a serious note, I’m happy that many people of color are waking up and not evolving into woke. Blexit is a real thing where it represents the black community leaving the democrat party and it’s greatly inspired by Candace Owens.


Hot as a $5 pistol.

And just as deadly when she goes off. :heart_eyes:

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…and I never saw Kayne West coming. :sunglasses:

I find it funny that one who’s party head started out his political career on bigotry, xenophobia and racism. Questions whether the other party can survive without it. Can the Republican party survive without fear? Fear that they’re coming for your guns, fear the immigrants are taking over the country, fear anyone that’s different than the norm.


Fear the government won’t take care of you, fear you’ll have to get a raise on merit, fear somebody will expect production, fear that genders study degree won’t get you a corner office, fear your feelings don’t matter?

■■■■ like that?


Funny but true. You guys absolutely need to jack up racial tensions to survive. No doubt about it.

BTW. I rate my own race relations as a ten. How about you?

The Democrats have nothing to offer Americans except identity (racist) politics and a dependent and angry class of voters. That’s why they promise “free” everything and want open borders to replace American votes with illegal votes, demonize the wealthy, big business, and throw any phobia against the wall that they think will stick!

Dems have lost their minds with the help of their demented partners the MSM who have no shame and have lost all control of rational thought.

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The perfect lib.



This photo was taken out of context. She was at one of the democratic debates. She’s yawning. :yawning_face:

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Thatcher was right- you eventually run out of other people’s money

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Only old, rich white men still believe this. :wink:

Which party do you think alt right neo nazi white nationalists identity with?