Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?




You would rather ten child rapists get off than one innocent yet accused jay walker gets sentenced.

Interesting. :thinking:


Been drinking the Giuliani kook-ade I see, (no, that was not a typo).



FORMER mayor but newly disgraceful Trump attorney crazy G. man.


It’s his Foxnews title. “Mayor G.” It’s the formula they use to both legitimize and make familiar their rockstars. All of this stuff is run through focus groups to make sure they test well before actual implementation.

A couple of my favorites are “Judge Jeanine.”

“Judge Nap” is awesome, because it’s both informal and formal. Hits all the sweet spots in the propaganda game.

And, of course, “Liberal Dershowitz.”


Piss poor?

There was no “lie” used to initiate the investigation.

Mueller did not seek to investigate the possibility (reality) of Russian interference in the 2016 Election, he was asked to take on the Special Counsel duties.

His direction to conduct the investigation DID NOT STATE TO IGNORE ANY AND ALL CRIMES UNCOVERED IN THE PROCESS. In fact he was charged with the opposite of that and he has been quite successful in catching the criminal roaches around Trump with every rock he has overturned.

Oh my Ducky you have given yourself a Trumpist frontal lobotomy if you are serious in your silly post.

Perhaps it is a chemical process that happens when one dons a MAGA cap?

Or maybe it is a magical transformation from absorbing way too much Trump loving Right Wing punditry for hours on end each day?


Ah, I long for the good old days when Fox News focused on things like the “war on Christmas” or “OMG Kiddies Lemon Ade Stand Shut Down”.

Speaking of Judge Jeanine, I can’t prove it, but I bet that woman goes home at night and out to the back yard and bashes in the heads of all the critters she trapped violating her border that day.

She is freaking scary.



Overall across all media somewhere between 15% to 20% of media persons identify as Republicans and or Conservatives.


So you want media to totally ignore everything about the Republican candidate?

His or her previous record?

His or her stand on the issues?

They don’t do that with Democratic candidates, I know you think they do, but they don’t.


Okay Ducky, it seems you must have carried your silly “perm ban” of me on over from the old web site.

What a shame.

We really could be good buds!



A civil appellate lawyer seems like an excellent choice to be your criminal defense attorney.


I don’t want Fox News, but the DTV package I selected forces me to pay for Fox News in the package despite my not wanting to have them on my lineup.

Part of the money I pay DTV goes to Fox News, the way CNN gets paid “a buck or two” when we millions get cable or satellite service.




No Supreme Court attorney is in play yet.


You need to pick an argument and stick to it. You’ve tried this “old school” thinking argument before, yet right after, you went right back to arguing R v D.

Your act isn’t original. We see through it.


The main reason why GOP Cory Gardner got elected as Colorado’s Senator in 2014 is that the Denver Post ended up endorsing him.




Tommy, please, please,please show me a crime in this witch hunt. BTW, this mess may go to the SC the way Mueller is doing, so would you still say that?


Get used to it. The parties are shifting and splitting and morphing and you are losing that comfy position you knew so well.


Impeach 45! Mad Max get a brain implant!


It’s a criminal investigation. What a weird thing to say. How does a federal appellate specializing in religious cases help his cause exactly?