Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?


What same thing?


I think it’s funny that you don’t have any idea what I think. My belief is that Fox is making mega money & has millions of listeners. cnn is on the bottom below HGTV showing how to change a Babbie’s diaper. This means that cnn can be on bottom, yet do the two things I’ve posted to still stay alive & create havoc for all.


yes. they are.


For some years now, if a Rep runs for office, he has to run against the media, the unions, Hollywood & the Dems. Then anyone who is interested in politics has to watch the media pull for the Dem. I couldn’t ever stand to have the media daily blasting my opponent.



Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and a lot of Republican websites always back Republican politicians and they always trash Democratic politicians. The Republicans are not running against the entire media. A big chunk of the media is backing them.


I’m busy right now, but I’ll have a reply for you later.


hard to say the Republicans “run against the media” when Republican Media is big and influential.

here’s what you should do. get some numbers and back off to something like “most of the media” or “a big part of the media”. that stuff can’t be proved/disproved and you can save face.


The truly sad part is the top big dogs of the FBI, including JAMES COMEY, are nothing but Liars. It is like they are allowed the steal from the hardworking taxpayers and get away with it! When does it stop? Look at all the innocent lives “mueller…the dirty cop” has destroyed himself! DRAIN THE SWAMP! STOP THE ILLEGAL, FRAUDULENT USE OF HARDWORKING CITIZENS TAXES!!!


I think I’ll start a new thread concerning this subject later. Have your info ready, sir.


They trash them…because they are TRASHY, LIARS, and DECEIVE the American People…For once, we the American People are standing against their bogus lies and call them out for whom they really are!


“who” they really are. “whom” is an objective pronoun.


Rush and others have been saying similar things for almost 40 years. this isn’t new. oh, and…


You have to pay $7 for ESPN.


My post was supposed to ask “HOW MANY anchors & guests ON THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA ARE Cons”?


So Mayor G. says he wants the Mueller investigation to end by Sept. 1. :laughing:


The piss poor excuse for a real investigation needs to wind up. If an investigator under me used a total lie with no evidence at all to start an investigation, then drags it on for over a year & still can’t show why, I would have the nads to fire his ass.

Then I would apologize to their victims, including “we the people”…


Trump has the best SC attorney there is to represent him. Jay’s office is across the street from the SC because arguing before them is his specialty.



I’m surprised he didn’t say September 11.


Mueller & the “nasty 12” may be under arrest by 9-11.


Through trumps 2 terms! Then if Pence wins the DNC will peddle a Pence Russia Dossier and collude with the FBI to bring down Pence.