Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?


Whoosh. Missed the point.

I haven’t been registered for R/D since I voted for Bush in 2004. I quickly changed by affiliation to Libertarian after my 2nd Bush vote, and have either written in or voted for a non-R/D in nearly every election since.

The one exception being that I voted for a Democrat who received the NRA endorsement in the 2010 midterm.

I disavowed major party politics long before you decided it was cool.


Yes, probably. And republicans will add to the house in November.


Lib with a gun. Ok.


The candidate could only barely be described as liberal. He was a very moderate democrat. I only voted for him because my ditto-head dad went to college with him and had nothing but nice things to say about him. His tea party opponent broke campaign finance law, failed to disclose a loan he took out against his farm, and lied about it. I couldn’t in good conscience vote for a person like that.

But again, you’ve missed the point. The point is you love supporting R/D politics when it suits your purpose, and try to pretend to be above party politics when it suits your purpose.


Oh… was talking about you. But now I see that you were deceptive about why you voted for the guy. So you might not have a gun after all.


Oh-then you were mistaken. I’m not a lib with guns. I’m an independent with guns.

No I wasn’t deceptive at all. I only ever claimed I voted for him because my very conservative father who went to college with him had nice things to say about him, and because his opponent deceptively tried to hide a campaign loan he had taken out against his own property. I never claimed I voted for him because the NRA endorsed him-I simply stated that to describe his politics. Read the words that people type, not the words you imagine them having typed and this will become clear.


Why should the Mueller investigation end any earlier than the Benghazi ‘‘investigation’’?


The investigation will end when Mueller is finished investigating and is ready to issue his report.


Not hardly. Mueller is spending time covering his & all the “nasty 12’s” asses. When he finishes that, he will say “look what I your wonderful American ■■■■■■■ have done for you”.

I Mueller filed so many charges of Trump’s people & even some Russians". Mr. Mueller, what about Trump? Mueller “ouh a Trump ahhh we’re still trying to find something on him”. Don’t you liberals love my ass?


Why are you calling them the “nasty 12’s”? What exactly have they done to deserve that label?




Prog Lib … regardless of how you declare your political affiliation.


It’s very likely that the “Mueller investigation” will go on for a decade or more. Given the financial crimes that he is uncovering, I predict that when the Democrats take over Congress, a special department in the DOJ will have to be established to track down and punish all the people that are connected to the anti-American crimes that are identified.

Hopefully we can also adjust the federal sentencing, such that the death penalty is an option for the traitors.


Mueller is addicted to power and the lime light.
He will end it only when he is made to end it.


Hopefully Mr. Mueller will have actionable charges against the Trump family, especially dip ■■■■ Donnie Jr. Eric and Ivanka will no doubt get rung up as well.

I doubt their crimes will rise to the level of treason, but perhaps we can change the sentencing guidelines such that the criminals that are uncovered, and acted against the United States, will pay the ultimate penalty.


The “limelight”?

When was the last time he appeared in public and basked in the “limelight”?

Did he hold a rally, like our feeble and feckless Trumpster, who needs his ego stoked daily?


I predict you may need therapy come November, when everything you say turns out to be wrong. BTW, all these Mueller bunch are supposed to be Reps. You don’t like Reps, right?


There are literally zero ways I could be described as a prog lib. I regularly get unfriended/blocked by some ACTUAL prog lib friends…well, former friends, I suppose.

You should get out more.


Someone should do a gif of all the excuses that have been used here during the Mueller investigation. Start with NOBODY BROKE ANY LAWS!!! and go through each change of excuse. But be ready to add more as things change though.


What limelight? He’s only “in the limelight” because Trump is acting like a tiny rodent backed into a corner and constantly brings him up. If Trump’s got nothing to worry about, then there’s no reason for him to continue to whine about it. Whitewater investigation took 4 years, and turned out nothing but some nooky in the Oval Office, and catching the president in a lie about it.

Benghazi was investigated for 4 years by 8 different committees, and virtually all came to identical conclusions.

Not only that, but Trump and congress could end this any time they want. They’re wholly in charge of the entire federal US government, and a majority of state governments, and have total power. No one can stop them from shutting down the “witch hunt.” It’s amazing you don’t see through the facade.