Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?


Ambassador positions are often filled with people who are owed a political debt.

That’s the basis for your belief that Hillary hasn’t been charged because she has dirt on enough people in the American justice system to elude prison?

That’s more than a stretch.


Right because it’s easier to believe they had nothing on the Clinton’s rather than believe the justice department is also corrupt.


It’s much easier to believe a lot of other explanations instead of your conspiracy theory.


He’s not some kind of time scientist!


Q anon strikes again.


And they got Wiley? Oh no. I like Wiley.


These crazy conspiracy theories are sprouting like weeds and we have Q shirts and banners all over Trump rallies. Also at said rallies Trump supporters are behaving like animals towards CNN and other media they don’t like We’re really beginning to descend into darkness as a nation.


This crazy ass cult is growing pretty quickly.


Too quickly. However with Trump, its not surprising.


The less you know, the more you believe.


Q anon has nothing to do with it. It’s the same reason Bush and company never really took fire over lying to get us into Iraq. People in Washington D.C. cover for each other. It’s been going on since before Hoover.


On this very forum I was called unAmerican and unpatriotic for being against the Iraq invasion, all while I was serving in the Army and deployed in Iraq. Recent anti Iraq republicans can kiss my ass.


That’s nice I guess. :roll_eyes:


It’s not a conspiracy theory if it actually happened, numbnuts.

Remind me, when was Gennifer Flowers running against Hillary? :roll_eyes:


I don’t know when you went off the rails, but your posting history indicates that it had to be recently.


You and your buddies dismiss what I post as a conspiracy theory and call me a cultist, but I’m off the rails? Whatever you say, buddy.

If Shearer’s memo hadn’t gone public, we wouldn’t know about the work HE did, but we’re to believe that no one else ever in the history of government anywhere could have possibly been doing the same thing. Rrrrrriiiiiiiggggggghhhhhttttt.


Enjoy your evening.


Sorry to bust up your troll. Run along. :roll_eyes:


Everyone has a political opinion. In your view, only people who support Trump can investigate Trump? That doesn’t make sense.


No, everyone doesn’t have a political opinion, unless you know what the homeless & those types are thinking. They couldn’t care less about politics.

What doesn’t make sense is that you think you can read my mind.

BTW, Federal Agents who are paid by ALL the people to investigate crimes of ALL the people in a totally unbiased manner, no matter what their political beliefs are. That’s fact!

Now the Trump hating FBI “e-mail” lovers lovers are real fine examples of the opposite of LO who are sworn to enforce Federal Laws without bias, but don’t. Of course there are many more, including those picked for that team to destroy Trump only.

I guess in 2020 there will be another political party, the TDS party.
All you liberals have to do is listen to Hannity with his factual credentials on each of Mueller’s rogues to know the truth.

Speaking of Manafort, Obama was president when Manafort was doing his dealings & Mueller was head of the FBI.