Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?


Just as long as they aren’t Mexican.


Exactly. Agents are required to “investigate crimes of ALL the people in a totally unbiased manner,” even though they have their own political beliefs. All Trump and his supporters have shown is that some FBI agents had political beliefs they disagree with, there is no evidence that I’ve seen that those beliefs led the agents to act in a biased manner as they did their jobs.

Trump is obviously getting desperate to deflect and discredit a legitimate investigation into his shady behavior.


I’ve seen evidence that FBI officials disagree politically with Trump, but I haven’t seen evidence that those disagreements led to improper behavior or a tainted investigation. What evidence have you seen?

When Ken Starr was investigating Bill Clinton, do you think he and everyone on his team agreed with Clinton politically, and if they didn’t, was the investigation corrupted?


Discredit the messenger to discredit the message.

The press is liberal.

The FBI is corrupt.

The intelligence community is incompetent.

Deep State runs the show.

Pizza pedophilia.

Loch Ness Monster.

Big Foot.

Villains. It makes things so much easier.




pretty much.

they have to burn everything in sight due to the chance that their BFF was involved.


I think you should change it to the less you know, the less they believe. Knowledge isn’t the Trumpheads’ strong point.


ooh an informative CNN article on something about trump here let me pause and absorb all its insight


Liberals are certainly invited to join him on the show tonight, where he talks about the unredacted “dossier”. The dossier now is about to be released to us. Hannity says it shows much information about the fake info & fraud to get a wiretap to spy on American citizens.


Some years ago I posted, that I just couldn’t converse with liberals about the news of the day. This was because when we two would discuss events of the day, it was like we spoke a different language.

This was because the liberals only got their info from CNN & other liberal media. This was while I only watched Fox.


I think you should. cnn is so wonderful.


Has the dossier been released?


The Dossier has been redacted & shown to the committee men. It will now be public next week. Question: if the Dossier is shown to be totally false & the Dems are shown to be crooked as Hannity says, will you Dems believe it?

BTW, here’s my prediction for 2018 elections in November. Don’t forget that I was right on about Trump from the beginning. The right will take 12 more seats & will bury the blue states.


Will take 12 more seats where?

In the House? In the Senate? Or combined?



Combined. Both House & Senate.



Thank for the clarification.



I heard on the radio last year, that cnn stays alive with ratings at the bottom how? The answer was, when we millions get cable from companies, whether or not we like it, have to pay a buck of two for cnn. So why would cnn need listeners to give them ratings, when they receive millions from we the cable buyers?

I also heard that cnn goes to airports & offers them free tv for their waiting areas installed, as long as they keep cnn on around the clock.


You’re welcome. It’s my belief that the right will not only not lose seats, but will gain 12 seats. The number 12 came to my head as other predictions.

From the time that Trump said he was going to run, I told everyone I know, even posters here that he will win. My only condition for him was this. Trump, leave your family out of your job. “He didn’t do it”.

I seldom use the word Democrat negatively. However, I see how dangerous Liberalism is & don’t mind telling the world.

Actually, I’ve never even particularly liked Trump either. I also predict, Trump will be in office 8 years, then Pence will take over.


im not aware of any such provider agreement but i wouldnt be surprised.

i have heard they have the airport deals.

its why i take earbuds with me when i travel so i dont throw a whiskey glass at the tv. if it would ever, you know, come to that. ahem


It’s funny that you don’t think Fox does the same thing.