Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?


What you’re calling contradicting isn’t. It’s sarcasm. Sarcasm because as I said “posters rag my ass day in & day out”. Besides that, most people love to be right & will call another liar in a minute.


Republican Robert Mueller is going to stretch the investigation into November to help the Dems?


If this question is to me, I’ve already posted it. Putting “Republican” before it makes no diff to me.


Middle of next year, at least. I don’t think Mueller gives a ■■■■ about elections.


This Trump presidency is a genuine reason for an actual apology tour.


Well Clinton’s investigation and trial was about 5 years so there is still time to go.


The question is, why would Republican Robert Mueller intentionally try to hurt Republicans and help Dems in the midterms?


Having an R behind your name means nothing with these guys. Hannity talks about them every nite. One of the Mueller “wild bunch” was set to attend Hillary’s win party, but she lost.


Try looking up how many of the “wild bunch” gave to Hillary & the Dems’ candidacy. Do that & you will see what they are.

BTW, I said I will answer any question asked of me, meaning when a poster doesn’t understand my sarcasm. This isn’t part of it.


So what? Because you’re an R you don’t associate with anyone else? No wonder this country is so screwed up.


This is true. After all you R’s did elect Donald trump lol


For those who wonder why someone might be concerned about legal proceedings against them when they committed no crime.

Some say…“if Trump has nothing to hide let him be examined by Mueller”. I’m sure some of the victims listed in the link thought the same.


It is no longer Republicans vs Democrats. That is old old thinking.


It’s hard to convict when the defendant has dirt on you.


I haven’t seen that conspiracy theory before. What dirt does she have?


If it was publicly available already it wouldn’t be an issue. There wouldn’t be anything to cover up. Of course you knew that.


Okay, so you suspect that Hillary has dirt on certain folks, and this is the reason why she hasn’t been charged with any crimes. Am I staying your position correctly?


Why would that possibly be true? It’s not like she has a history of hiring people to collect dirt on her political enemies or anything. Oh wait.


If convicting a bunch of people causes our public servants to pause before engaging in unethical/illegal activities or hiring unethical/criminal staff, campaign managers and cabinet members, it is money well spent.


I doubt it. There’s corruption in too many levels already. They have no intention of rooting it out. It’s more akin to putting the fox in charge of the hen house.