Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?


I’m surprised you can’t taste the bitterness in that Kool Aid.


The proud, blindfolded, lady stands to answer these questions for us. She’s a reminder to us, that we the people are free to live our lives in the greatest country in the world, without suffering unfair mistreatment.

IMO, it’s better that a few guilty get off than even one innocent is sentenced.

Hannity has had a lot of things to say about Mueller’s cases over the years.


Manafort appears to be dirty and looks like he’s a lawmaker. I bet you cheer if he’s found guilty.


He’s spending 23 hours a day in solitary. I don’t doubt he looks ruff.


yeah. that too.


He’s accused of “bank fraud”. They don’t treat murderers that way.


Something that makes me very happy I’m not a christian.


what way?.


They don’t put any accused that haven’t been charged in solitary.


He’s there because they can’t ensure his safety in GP.


LOL! I believe that.


He’s there because the Judge hates Trump.


Boo hoo hoo.


How is “finding something big” the same as the findings of the Benghazi committee?


I’ve been in & out of jails for years. I’ve never seen a man charged with fraud in solitary.


Manafort had a private cell, with a private bathroom and shower, a phone, and a laptop. He was also not required to wear a uniform.

How many times have you seen that, in your experience?


I don’t know. They always made me wear a jump suit.


Wait. What? So, you were a police officer who knows nothing about the law. A man who has said that you are afraid of guns, yet had to carry one for your job. And now, you tell us you have been in and out of jails for years, in a jump suit, meaning you are also a convicted criminal. That is some wild trolling and weaving of tales man. Wow.


Alright, I’ll give it to you this way. Did you read the entire thread? How about how many times posters called me a liar? Did you see anyone else getting the business like that? Did you see me insult anyone?

Any poster can ask me anything they want & I will respond honestly.


When you contradict yourself and your claims of life then it is very hard to believe anything you say. It reads to me like you’re a troll. So good day to you.