Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?



I predict it will end when Mueller is good and ready for it to end.

I highly doubt it will end before November 6, 2018.

But the “Witch Hunt” has been very successful to date.

Lots of witches have been identified, indicted, exposed, taken guilty pleas, taken deals for cooperation, or are soon to be standing trial.

Despite what ill informed, uninformed, willfully ignorant, or Donny Deplorable Dummy’s in denial might think Mueller is doing the job he was charged with doing.

He was not charged to IGNORE any other criminal activity he might uncover in the course of conducting the probe into possible Russian interference in our 2016 Federal Election.

Seems to me he has been remarkably efficient in his handling of the probe, the passing off to other districts those criminal activities that he has apparently unearthed, so that he can keep the main thrust of the election interference probe uncluttered from those distractions; such as the Manafort trial which began today.

I am in no rush to judgement.

I can be patient with Mueller so long as he is being thorough and professional.

I have seen nothing to indicate he has behaved anything to the contrary.



There is no need for the Mueller Election probe to make the Republicans look bad in the November election.

They are doing a good enough job all on their own.

The attempt to smear Mueller and the Probe, by Donald Trump and his minions, and here again, by you, that is what is totally political.


I have to agree with that estimation.

He has no need to hurry. He has no need to end it on Trump’s timeline, or anyone other persons wishes.


You are so very deluded and so very wrong.

Quit listening to the Right Wing idiots that are steering you wrong.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was very much charged to go anywhere he found criminal activity in the course of the probe, of course for those crimes discovered that were not beyond the statute of limitations.

You are just flat out wrong.


Seriously. It is hilarious and also sad anyone would say and believe that. But with the full court Right Wing press on to smear the Mueller Probe it does not surprise.


First thing you do is shut off Right Wing radio and shut off Fox News.

Then you can begin to learn things from other sources about the law and what is going on in the Mueller Probe.


It’s a bot hunt.


Only in the eyes of the willfully ignorant.


Only an elitist would have anything against the willfully ignorant.


Yes. Fat Donald has thoroughly convinced the same people, that it is a witch hunt against him, that would have still voted for him if he had shot some innocent person on Fifth Avenue.



Jesus Christ wasn’t wrong when he miracled Donald Trump into the presidency.


Guilty as charged.



He wasn’t right, either.


That’s kind of blasphemous. Shame on you.



Jesus forgives me of my sins when I atone for them.

Or so I have been told by sinners high up in the Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran churches.


We all sin.
Only after we recognize our sin can we find ways to do better.
We don’t always get there, but there’s no shame in trying.
We don’t always agree what is a sin.




Teapot Dome went on for years, well into the Coolidge Administration, so you may want to buy some more popcorn.


Says the former cop who’s job it was to enforce it. :joy: