Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?


Really was whitewater less than 10 years old when Ken Star was investigating?

Answer honestly or be known as a secret devil worshipping Muslim.


Nope…November will just be another month in the investigation.


BTW: It’s pretty jarring that Carl Bernstein’s byline is still showing up in Trump coverage:


Yep…politically it’s a slam dunk in both cases


I guess the Dems can’t claim to hold the moral high ground anymore.


Thanks Obama!

Except that Republicans led most of the Benghazi investigations, and initiated the current “witch hunt” which Democrats are wholly powerless to stop.


? The investigation hasn’t concluded.


If every single Democrat voted with the fringe Republicans, the Mueller investigation could be ended. Think about that for a second.


Sorry to burst your enthusiasm. Strzok and Page sunk the entire endeavor, pretty much no matter what ends up in the final report.


I think the outcome is already determined. Mueller is going to find something, especially if Trump decides to sit down for an interview. Whether it’s something big, or something small, it’s going to be made into a big deal for libs, and it’s going to be shrugged off by Republicans. There’s very little that would cause Trump voters to ask for his impeachment.


Yeah, Strzok and Page forced:

  • Trump Jr. and Manafort to have a meeting with Russians at trump tower
  • Trump to fire Comey
  • Flynn to lie to the FBI
  • Rick Gates to lie to the FBI
  • George Papadopoulos to lie to the FBI
  • Paul Manafort laundering money


None of that is illegal.


The goal has been to frustrate Trump and keep the heat off of the previous administration and the DNC.

There will be a truce and nothing will be accomplished. Trump has proven too resilient, clean, and he will deal. It’s what he does…par excellance.

I really would like to see all the details on all the FISA warrants. Doubt that will happen.


Nahhhh. If there wasn’t a Strzok and Page, Trumpists would find something else on which to hang their efforts to delegitimize the DoJ, FBI, and Special Counsel on.


They documented a corrupt level of bias and call into question the Clinton email investigation. There will be a deal.

Good for everyone Trump is so focused and effective. Hillary should send him a personal and warm thank you.


As it is they made a hole large enough to drive Trump Tower through…sloppy.


Meh. Trump and team did whatever they did, and would have done it, regardless of what Strzok and Page were sending and doing to each other.


more witches



Pretty good witch hunt going on.

I hope there’s no bag limit.