Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?


Why is it so hard for people to understand what treason actually is? And what it takes to be charged with it? In the entire history of The United States only 30 citizens have been charged with it. The Rosenbergs weren’t executed for treason, they were tried and convicted of espionage not treason.


Why is it so hard for people to understand that we are seeking new remedies to deal with the treason of current Republicans.

You know, work with a hostile nation against your own, get your neck stretched?

Good and honest repurcussions against those that sought to undermine our nation.


I like this.


Yeah, I can see trying to stop politicians who don’t have our best interest at heart. I think the ultimate remedy though is at the ballot box.

What’s really crazy is Donald Trump could have run this same con on the country and not tweeted one single time and been much more successful at it. He just has to run his big mouth all the time and it just makes things worse for him. It alerts all of us.


He’s barely been at it a little more than a year. Did you refer to Ken Starr as doing a donkey strut, or Gowdy during the 8th congressional Benghazi investigation? Don’t be such a hypocrite.

But they can impeach Rosenstein and help push forward a replacement that will end the investigation.

But he won’t. He’ll just keep tweeting about it…aka, keeping Mueller’s name in the limelight. Trump is the one doing that. Have the integrity to admit as much.


I agree that Trump should either fire him or shut up about it. Just like he should either try to indict Hillary or shut up about her.


If Trump would stop tweeting about it, Mueller wouldn’t be in the limelight. Not only that, but Trump would look a lot less suspicious. He brings all this attention on himself. He loves it.


Oh my god dude this is stupid. Mueller has taken exactly zero lime light.


And if they do that there’s gonna be some seriously large boxes of info falling off a truck in front of the New York Times.


Well, when you let talk radio tell you what to think, this is the result.


I’m trying to find Robert Mueeler’s tweeter account but I can’t locate it.


The word sounds dramatic…


Yes, BillBrown, please give us examples of Mueller taking the limelight. I mean, has he been doing all the Fox News shows and voicing his position like someone else we know?


Give me examples of me saying he “took” the limelight.


you just put “Trump” and “shut up” in the same sentence. we will now try to electroshock you back into coherence. there just may not be enough voltage in the world.


i so wish that every one of the Trump Republicans were contractors for Trump’s properties just so they could get a little Trump in their face (and Trump stealing from their wallet).


It was less than a day ago you wrote this.


I said he was addicted to it. I didn’t say he tried to take it. There is a difference. I have never seen a post of yours that was totally truthful.


But he didn’t say “took.” Apparently, Mueller is 'addicted to the limelight" even though he is saying nothing. But somehow it’s his fault that trump and rudy won’t stop talking about him.


Pot just met kettle.