Wonder When The Mueller "Witch Hunt" Will End?


I like ethical and principled Republicans - however they have historically been few and far between. Now with Trumpist Republicans - they are all openly anti-American.


Reps are anti-American? That’s a new one.


Trumpists are.


There is no “witch hunt”. There has been substantial criminal activity exposed by SPECIAL COUNSEL MUELLER and his team. You are just putting on partisan blinders so that you can not see it, cause that is what your biased media sources are telling your to do.

Talk about one nasty case there of willful ignorance.



You are allegedly a retired cop. Supposedly you had been around the justice system long enough to know that a special counsel INVESTIGATION into suspicious activity is not the same as a cop on the street seeing an alleged crime being committed and then they make an immediate arrest with pronouncement of the crime being made at the time the suspect is booked.

Or perhaps the machinations of a Special Counsel Investigation totally escape you?



Or the Kenneth Starr “devil with a blue dress on” what it IS investigation that ran across multiple election cycles until he finally caught Ol’Billy Boy in a lie.

I do not remember a single Right Wing Pundit or anyone in person, from that side of the aisle, screaming for an end to that “investigation”.


That would be good, wish I had the talent, since I feel like I am at the Baskin Robbins of Lame Excuses every time some Trump administration spokes-idiot tries to explain away the Mueller Investigations latest revelation.


Hey, give the man some credit, he just hasn’t found that smoking ‘blue dress’ gun yet.

It took Kenneth Starr 4 years to do that, and the Republicans then saw that it was good and time and money WELL SPENT!

Why should Special Counsel Robert Mueller be rushed to judgement?


Limelight? Yeah, he could light his way down a very long, very dark alley just burning the indictments he’s returned so far.

What’s the number compare to other special counsels?


Sure. :slight_smile:


Yes, how soon the simple minded forget.


So true. So true.


The Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenghazzi “investigation” didn’t get anywhere close to the results that the Mueller investigation has, yet you have Giuliani and the Trumpettes screaming to stop it.


Sounds like trump, eh?



Hypocrisy, thy name is Trumpism!


When is the last day he wasn’t a news item? When is the last day you didn’t hear the name Mueller?


Done been answered.


I didn’t say Trump didn’t have anything to get worried about, except maybe dying of old age before Mueller is finished doing his donkey strut.
Congress can’t shut Mueller down but Trump can- he works for Trump. He should give him 30 days to give his findings and then he’s out the door.


that doesn’t mean he’s basking in the limelight. it appears to me the dude has his nose to the grindstone. it’s all of us that are talking about him.


So you’re blaming Mueller because his name is mentioned? You’re funneh, dude.