Woke - Is The Pushback Beginning?

@PurpnGold, do you feel like AA going away would be the end? Is it discussed now like it was then or is it intuitive in the community?

Public accommodation laws aren’t going anywhere. Property rights are all but gone anyway.

Are you concerned about the black feminists pushing the males aside?

I would be very concerned about mixed race children. Who are they going to hate?

What’s got you worried?

It’s way more simple than any of that. A documentary filmmaker and progressional Republican political op named Chris Rufo went through the footnotes of academic papers to play six degrees of Kevin Bacon from antiracism seminars to Robin D’Angelo to Derek Bell to Angela Davis to Herbert Marcuse to Marx.

Of course Rufo has publicly admitted the point is to recast everything involving racial injustice as CRT. There’s a doozy of a series of quotes from him.

It just doesn’t seem as impressive when you realize he’s just parroting one guy who openly is doing this for political advantage. Also may explain why he has to be so mysterious about where he gets his information.


I can regurgitate Chris Rufo as easily as you lol.

Never read him. Saw an article here, didn’t care for it. Lacks depth. Too.

You assume.

I’ve known the whole time and was just waiting to see how far you’d lean over your skis on this pretending like you’re reading the footnotes of legal textbooks the size of paving stones even law school students only pretend to read.

Why you have to be so mysterious about it, yes? Because everything you got on CRT you really got from a guy who does guest spots on Tucker.

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There aren’t 6 degrees. Davis was a student of Marcuse - The Father of the New Left.

Crenshaw was a student of Bell’s.

You left off several, most importantly Hegel. And of course the rest of the Frankfurt School.

And since K-12 is a problem, you have to consider the Critical Pedagogy Line.

And since BLM was lesbian females, Crit Gender Studies line.

Not at all. Your guy is shallow. And I can’t stand Carlson.

I am not being mysterious about anything. I have cited my primary sources. And read them. That’s what I do.

I love how you always presume to know what sources others use to form their opinions. :smirk:


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I have a question for you:

Is there any relationship at all between Critical Theory, including CRT, and Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife?

Did you guys know there was a whole school of CT on literature and music?

Interesting opinion piece.

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