Woke - Is The Pushback Beginning?

There was France, now this…

The head of an elite Manhattan private school in the throes of an internal war over its progressive agenda is leaving at the end of the year. Woke curriculum pushback.

Is it beginning?

one can only hope… a generation of purposeful idiots is never useful…


Rich people want the education that they pay a lot of money for.

Sending your kid to Dalton is about prestige… it’s about the Ivy League.

This is Not a big surprise.

Shouldn’t there be a synopsis in the OP? What’s the article about?


Losers quit.

Not much of a pushback.

I thought about that. Usually I would rather have quantity, but maybe a vanguard is in order here.

Flag it.


Yeah. This is going around the private school industry. I think it’s fine, but then I’ve seen a million initiatives come and go. This is no different. And 16 years is a long time to be a headmaster under any circumstances.

The Dalton School is where Josh Waitzkin went to school. I have an autographed copy of his book.

I’m surprised at the parents.

It’s rich people they get what they want.

They were also really upset paying $54000 for remote learning.

The school is also being sued over a former student being sexually abused by a former headmaster.

Seems like a good time to bug out and let the status quo of churning out Ivy League entitlement to continue

Kind of missing my point. Not really surprised.

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I am too.

Paying big $ does engage more involvement.

One clown jumping to the next school isn’t much of a pushback. Now if we see a trend here I will be encouraged.

It’s only in English speaking countries that I have seen U.S. the worst followed by Britain. France and the rest of Europe don’t want any part of the grievance culture.

And countries like Germany realize they will hold the past against you regardless if you or your family wasn’t involved for infinity if you let them.

Australia is big Woke


Rich people get what they want.

This is nothing new.

I for one am surprised that the news of a headmaster leaving an expensive private school is national news.

Seems a little picayune if you ask me.

Yep another English speaker :slight_smile:

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The director leaving is not the important part.

The curriculum at an expensive private school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is no concern of mine.

What ever education that rich people demand for their children is fine by me.

They will likely succeed no matter what.

I do find it funny that people think that the coming US cultural Revolution would come out of UES Ivy League prep schools.

These places are not churning out kids who March in the street with their little red book.

Quite the opposite.

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You are of course quite incorrect. As I have explained over and over.