Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


It’s the monetizy, dollar sign thing.


I saw that too. Like the author went full board and then Jim Hoft wrote the header and qualifier.

He called it bs on his Twitter too.


That movie was perfect.


They are.

They just dont want the political rat ■■■■■■■ around.


But how are they certain it was not a killing that was tied to the DNC? Are they wizards?

Or maybe just Democrats first and family second.


You watch way too much television and YouTube conspiracy videos.


Things like that never happen, huh.

HIillary would never…



I imagine people would get sick and tired of others trying to profit off the death of their loved ones by making up stories constantly.

Wouldn’t you?


How are you certain the killing tied to the Russian Mafia?

Or, how do you know it wasn’t the Illuminati? How do you know Ishmael? Are you a wizard? Are you Ishmael The White?

Or lizard people! Can you conclusively say it wasn’t lizard people? HOW CAN YOU BE CERTAIN?


You’re saying the family left their son be murdered

Where the ■■■■ do all these highly skilled freelance assassins supposedly come from anyway? Oh, right, fiction.


I would keep an open mind. It could have been anyone. And given the crime of the century - public disclosure of DNC files - and the job and access that Seth had… why anyone would rule that out is beyond me. Politics maybe. Or a threat from someone. Or a bribe from someone.


When someone invoked Lizard People and your answer is “I would keep an open mind,” that’s when you realize that dude you’ve got issues.


Here’s the problem: you know what conclusion you want and are working backwards to justify it, like how a fan fiction writer brings back their favorite character.

Someone who’s actually reposnsoble for solving murders has to stick with reality and twist theories to suit the facts, not facts to suit the theories.

You are essentially writing murder porn fan fic.


Duh! Don’t you know? The assasins were some guy from the DEA, the FBI and some unknown dude while Rosenstein covered it all up.


I find it hard to believe anyone can believe that nonsense. The only cop slash hitters that I can find in the history of America are the two NYPD detectives who clipped people for the Luccheses.


They can be purchased.
The fact that you are asking is weird because you know they can be hired.


So that gives people the right to make up whatever stories they want about his murder?


Let me offer you a genuine piece of advice: if anyone ever tells you they are a freelance hitman or that they know one, they either are or are talking about an undercover cop. Point blank period.


No one would admit that right?


Like virtually all people from the square world you are under several severe misapprehensions about how crime works and especially how much value a human life has.