Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


He says they are government officials. This might get Interesting. I’m guessing this won’t make on to mainstream media.



This shocking information was given to The Gateway Pundit this weekend. We decided to report this news and will post an update following Tuesday’s press conference.





What I loved is the part where they say the will release the information slowly.




i wanan be cool too



The Gateway Pundit!!! And it’s awesome source - the knucklehead who tried to ban the NFL from hiring gay football players!



“We believe that we have reached the beginning of the end of the Seth Rich murder investigation,” Burkman told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview Sunday.



“We will release the information in a drunken slur”


SMOTI strikes again!



But about half an hour after nearly two dozen reporters set up camp in a conference room at a Holiday Inn in Arlington, Burkman, dressed in a cobalt-blue suit and black turtleneck, walked in and told everyone he was calling it off, saying his client, M. Reese Everson, was unable to make it.



And he is back at it at the Holiday Inn no less.



gotta rack up those reward points


The same exact one!


I’ve noticed quite a few posters here use Gateway Pundit as their source, interesting to say the least.


interesting or predictable?


This will completely overshadow Trumps SC pick! He’s going to be pissssssssed.


Well, I may be making life miserable for the grieving parents and family members of this young man who was murdered, and am doing the opposite of leaving them in peace like they have begged everyone to do, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. :flushed:


Gotta love all the commenters warning him to be careful so Clintons don’t murder him.


It is simply mind boggling to me that we have so many conspiracy theorists living among us. Kind of like the QAnon followers. It is so weird to me.


Clearly the Poirot of our age.