Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


Actually, Q said it was MS 13, so I’ll go with that. You agree?


■■■■, I wish this kind of thing was like ever true about murders. Ninety percent of real life murders are committed for absolutely idiotic reasons in idiotic ways by idiots. The other ten percent are committed for more sensible reasons in idiotic ways by idiots.


How can we be certain that you didn’t kill Seth Rich?

Should we be investigating you?

Maybe it was space aliens.

The possibilities are endless - does that mean everything should be investigated?


One show that got it right was Homicide: Life on the Street. In like the second scene of the first show, the lieutenant’s like, “This is the box, the interrogation room, where my detectives match wits with the city’s master criminals; there’s one now.” And the camera pans over to a teenage kid with a mullet.


You didn’t know that all your insults are irrelevant, don’t you?

It does not matter who I know or who you know or who the cops know. All that matters is that one of the most powerful women in the political world of the most powerful country on earth has people that she can rely on to do her dirty work. And if you pretend that none of her people know someone who knows a killer then I’ll know you are just blowing smoke.


If she’s committed all of these crimes, why isn’t trump going after her? I keep asking this question and never get an answer.


Blowing smoke is what you’re doing.

Do you have any evidence to support your claims that Hillary “has people” to do her “dirty work”?

Who are those people you speak of? How do you know what “dirty work” they will do?

Where are you getting your information?


If Trump is so guilty… why is he not impeached? I keep asking this question and never get an answer.


Mueller investigation hasn’t been finished. Now for my question, “if she’s committed all of these crimes, why isn’t trump going after her?”


It’s not an insult. You’re just wrong. There’s plenty of reasons why, but the biggest one is economics. A human life isn’t worth enough to have a bunch of high paid super professional freelance hired killers. Dudes will shoot your crib up for a hundred bucks and whack you for a thousand.


The new FBI investigation hasn’t been finished.


What “new” FBI investigation?



10 char.


Who the ■■■■ said they were high paid professional killers. Any killer would do… and he was likely killed too.


What new investigation?


Then would the person that killed the killer be killed too? Then the killer’s killer? Where does it end?


It ends when people like you convince everyone to stop looking.


You know House of Cards is a TV show, right?


So if we convince everyone to stop looking no more killer’s killers will be killed? LOL


Really really strange that you people really really don’t want anyone looking in Clinton’s direction.