Witness prepared to reveal the murderers of Seth Rich


Their poop is smaller though and I don’t have to pick it up with a plastic glove on my hand.


The police investigation has produced nothing. The family seems to favor this outcome. Strange.


No. They don’t seem to say anything of the sort unless you’re completely ignorant of what they do say, which seems likely.


Any perp walks yet?


Most families in a similar situation are pleading with the public to help find the killer.


Your argument is flawed.

Care to guess what the flaw is?


They are pleading for the public to help find the killer.

These idiots are not trying to help find the killer. They’re peddling conspiracy theories for publicity and politics.


And profit. They are constantly asking for donations to fund their sick and perverted abuse of this family’s pain and suffering and grief.

But the troll that keeps getting fed knows all of this already.


Here is a small sampling of what people did when cops have failed to find killers.

You can find an endless stream of people pleading for help by googling

pleads with public to help find killer


But the Seth Rich family? Every lead is responding to with NO NO NO… STOP.

Libs just say “nothing to see here”. The mysterious murder of a man closer than anyone to what libs say is the crime of the century… releasing to the public files from Hillary’s DNC server.


Don’t be a troll.


They simply don’t want the help of this infested band of animals using the death to cash in and peddle political conspiracy theories. How hard is that to understand?


Seems to be really difficult.


So hey, what did I miss? Did these intrepid citizen investigators break the case open?

Or are they just more Republican conspiracy peddling ghouls who have figured out how to monetize wacked out conspiracy gibberish?


Ish understands perfectly.



Well, Hillary Clinton is in jail, Obama fled to his homeland in Kenya, and St Britebart rose from the grave to deliver his justice upon the unholy in the name of the Lord God Trump.

So yeah, you didn’t miss a thing.


Big news - if true!




Its tough to put Hillary in handcuffs when she’s so ill that she keeps falling down and the handcuffs simply slip off her frail wrists.