Will those who attacked Trump Patriotism and called him traitor apologize?


Same old Trump hating rhetoric. Trump is a failed president; end of subject. Nothing else to discuss. Move along.



I wouldn’t say 100% assure his re-election, but I will agree with you endless investigation is not the Dems’ best path to success in 2020.

However, the hyper-partisans will demand Trump be relentlessly pursued, so the Dems will comply.

And the cycle will continue.


Rare agreement.

Obviously nothing is certain, but I strongly believe DEMs just can’t help themselves. I don’t see anything of substance being done by house democrats, with the focus entirely on destroying Trump ahead of the 2020 election. I still make the case that they have learned and that they are doomed to make the same mistakes they made in 2016. I boldly predict the same outcome.


I’m stating facts. You’ve given zero effort to refute those facts.

Do you think the economy is speeding up or slowing down?


Its like we have come full circle. I succinctly made very clear the problem that I had with your analysis. I have no interest in repeating myself.


This treads isn’t about the economy…it’s about whether libs are going to apologize or not.

So stop derailing this thread.


Yo “Lock Her Up” contingent, kindly piss off.


Point taken. But to be fair, I was simply responding to a member who introduced the economy topic back in post 7. Others responded as well before I jumped in. But I was the biggest contributor, so for that I do apologize. :blush:


The reality is trump wins again. I do disagree with trump with his one remark. I am not tired of all this winning.


Why would it sting. I’m no the one questioning Mueller’s report and insisting that I need to comb through it so maybe just maybe I can find something to use against the republicans. For someone in the middle your sure side with the left.


I get it a soldier is just a useful tool for you to use for partisan politics. No need for you to spend any time helping them or no need for you to thank them. We really couldn’t care less. Just don’t use us to try and score political points.


My bad he said McCain sacrificed everything for his country. To me the sacrifice everything means you came home in a body bag. McCain seemed to have a long and happy life after coming home. He sacrificed some during the Vietnam war but he did not sacrifice everything.


Nice attacking mccain


I accept mueller’s report and findings because the man has honor.

Now, we actually haven’t seen it yet but as long as Barr is not lying then I accept it.


Trump obstructed justice and his ag swept is under the rug…
Trump broke the law…and he is being protected.

The "law and order types " just ■■■■ all over justice.


Care to provide proof?


Well then make sure you encourage you congress representatives to follow up on that…and start the impeachment process.


They are by asking for the report…ill wait on impeachment…id rather he be voted out. But you knew that…


Impeachment process will need to be carefully timed in order to inflict maximum damage to Trump’s 2020 chances.


For legal and security reasons they will never see the fully unredacted report. Knowing this, DEMs will be able to continue attacking Trump for not fully disclosing the report.