Will those who attacked Trump Patriotism and called him traitor apologize?


Or voted back in for a second term. But you knew that.


Why are you responding to me?
Dont…I have no interest in conversing with you. Thanks.


From the responses, I’m guessing the answer is no. As in zero chance.


Sure it is. It’s a question of whether we’re expected to take Trump at his word.

But please, don’t stop defending.


Keep grasping at straws dude.

Maybe you can find someone in the Trump admin to indict for jaywalking.


hes got my vote also. and in 2020 trump will repeat


Just like a lib twisting my words.
I have never once attacked McCain. The left has and Trump has. But I have thanked McCain for his service just like I do every veteran that I meet.
But the truth is he did not sacrifice all. He and many other soldiers went through hell and made it home. Some went through hell and came home in body bags.
You guys should do yourselves a favor and stop trying to use military vets as political weapons. We served our time we did our jobs. Some of us got to come home and lived long and happy lives like McCain. Some of us I visit every year at their graves. Those people sacrificed everything they had and everything they would ever have to serve the United States.
You want to honor them than thank a veteran for their service. Or man up and do like me and spend time every week visiting veterans in their homes and in the veteran homes.


As I predicted, impeachment was never a serious consideration by the Democrats. Their leadership has been steadily saying as much for months now. Virtually none of their candidates in the 2018 election ran on a platform of impeachment. And now with the Mueller report concluding no conspiracy between members of the Trump campaign and Russia, impeachment is completely off of the table. Trump will have to win on his merits and his accomplishments, and not on his victimization.


The investigation was a witch hunt perpetrated by the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration. Mueller simply confirmed what reasonable people already knew. Nothing has changed in that regard and your question simply demonstrates your arrogant hatred of Trump.


We will have to agree to disagree. The beginning of the endless investigations will culminate in impeachment hearings next year, despite what the disingenuous DEMs would have you believe . Mark my words.


Fair enough. Typically when people tell you over and over what they intend to do, you should take note though. It is not like Democratic Leadership is somehow winning brownie points with the progressive wing of their party by saying impeachment is not on the table.

I do agree we will continue to see investigations of this administration. And maybe the Democrats will overplay their hand. Time will tell there.


And you seriously believe you can stop me from responding to your posts?


Finally some common ground. :+1:


True. As I’ve said before, there is probably a lot more common ground than not. But what fun is there is coming to a political forum just to agree with people on things? I enjoy arguing more. It keeps me from debating/arguing with my wife. Who would regularly kick my rear. :slight_smile:


No he never said anything about McCain sacrificing everything. Once again you attributing words to him that he did not say


Here is the what the post said
Even more recently he disrespected a veteran war hero who sacrificed everything for this country.
Sounds to me that he was saying McCain sacrificed everything.
Was somewhere around post 26.


No, neither the Clinton campaign nor the Obama administration could have initiated the Mueller investigation. Trump was president. This was done by him and his administration. Time to own that.

Nope, you’re not getting away with that partisan claptrap.

Trump spent YEARS trashing an American hero who has spent his life in service of others. So if Mueller is not credible, then this report is not to be believed and vindicates nothing. I understand your refusal to admit as much-because it’s just one among many things that makes Trump a massive hypocrite and his word unable to be believed or taken seriously. But some still choose to gobble it up.

Please, don’t stop gobbling up Trump’s ■■■■■■■■■


Lololol i am a vet… A disabled vet… Carry dude


Hey I get it. You hate Trump! :+1:


Glad to know I have nothing to apologize to Trump for.

Will Trump ever apologize to me, for falsely calling me his enemy?

I doubt it.