Will those who attacked Trump Patriotism and called him traitor apologize?

Will those who attacked Trump Patriotism and called him Traitor apologize?

How about General Flynn?

Or how about Trump family?

They don’t have it in them.


General Flynn is not a traitor. He is a felon.

Nobody should apologize. For obvious reasons

Trump family should be off limits

Loved President Trump’s comment today when he returned to the WH.
“America is the greatest place on earth.”
Alt left is reeling from what they consider wrong speak.

The country has had to listen to this liberal, verbal feces for over 2 years on every station and newspapers except Fox. It clearly demonstrates just how far gone our “freedom of the press” actually is. It’s nothing more than a bought and paid for political extension of the Democratic party. I really hope this wakes up libs that are close to center and truly want what’s best for our country to reexamine what they’ve been fed.


Can anyone? Mueller stopped short of exonerating Donald Trump so what are people supposed to say? “Hey, we’re 90% sure we should apologize”.


It’s as if you’re ignoring there were some pretty big findings from the investigation during those two years. Why would the news media not report on those news worthy items?

And aren’t you at least glad that they were reporting the Russia investigation rather than the lackluster results of Trump’s terrible policies?

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I saw Donald Trump lick Vladimir Putin’s boots in Helsinki denying any Russian interference in the election. The Mueller Report confirmed that interference, supporting the findings of all US intelligence agencies.

For siding with Vladimir Putin against the US, I state that Donald Trump is a traitor.


At least you are honest about.

Ah here we go…it begins…nope…

Apologize for what? He’s repeatedly taken the side of our enemy in the face of what our intelligence community says. You may want to white wash that, but most Americans won’t.


The adult children who work in and are surrogates for the Administration should not be off limits.


Agree 100%, Trump sided with a foreign President/Dictator over the US DoJ and Intelligence agency.

Trump is a liar who would sell out this country’s interests in a heartbeat if he thought it would benefit him. Nothing I have seen from most of his family makes me think they are much better.

Apologize??? Really?
One thing 45 is not is a patriot. Someone already mentioned that he sided with our enemies instead of our own IC. Even more recently he disrespected a veteran war hero who sacrificed everything for this country, but because of petty politics he continue to be an ass. Did he also say, he don’t think folks who were captured are hero’s??? So not only did he disrespect Sen. McCain, but he also disrespected all POW’s including the ones who never made it back home. Patriot my ass…that is something he’s not.


Will you apologize to members of the military for supporting a man who repeatedly and unapologetically mocked the heroism/sacrifice of soldiers?

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Everyone should be pardoned and given restitution by the government.

Is this based off the Mueller report summary submitted by deep state Barr whom you don’t even trust? I’m pretty sure you said in another thread you don’t trust Barr, so if you don’t trust him, why is an apology owed to anyone right now? Shouldn’t we wait for the full report to be released first?

And if Mueller is as unreliable and non-credible as Trump has tried to tell us over the last two years, then how can we believe that his report is accurate at all?

Sounds like we could use sort of…select committee to investigate further.

Absolutely. He is unequivocally a traitor. And an unindicted co-conspirator to a series of felonies that were designed to steal the election.


Mueller was very clear. There was no collusion.