Will those who attacked Trump Patriotism and called him traitor apologize?


We have watched Trump be a traitor in plain sight. Didn’t need any report to lay it out for us.


Trump haters need to keep reciting that meme. We need more investigations. The house needs to remain laser focused on bringing Trump down.

A certain recipe for a sweeping Trump victory in 2020!

Please Don’t Stop!


Mueller is a political hack that we can’t trust because he’s deep state and was in charge of corrupt FBI and friends with Democrats.

Time for a select committee to investigate. Don’t you agree?


I mean…we did, what, 8 investigations into Benghazi?

How can we be 100% sure until we’ve investigated Russia collusion at least that many times?


Well, except the part about Mueller stopping short of exonerating Donald Trump.


It is not a meme. It is the truth. I know it may be uncomfortable, but it is reality nonetheless. And yes, we know you don’t care he is a criminal.


Mueller didn’t exonerate Trump re: obstruction of justice. He did exonerate Trump re: collusion.


It’s just like the election… Anger and denial from the Trump deranged. Can’t accept the truth. lol!


For obstruction. He left that to the legal experts. However, Mueller was very clear on collusion. There was none.


Actually it is a meme spewed by Trump haters. Just because they believe it to be true doesn’t make it so. :wink:


I know you are joking so I won’t respond.


We have watched the frothing at the mouth Trump haters in plain site demonstrate just how much they hate the man that defeated their queen.

One can only imagine the frothing at the mouth that will take place when Trump is reelected in 2020.


Ah, so you are under the impression that US Prosecutors from SDNY, along with a Federal Judge, all broke their oaths of office and the law when they submitted corroborating evidence to a Federal Court, and that was agreed to and accepted by the court, that directly implicates Trump in these felonies? Sounds reasonable. :rofl:


Yes! More investigations please!


The plea deal is bogus, as will be demonstrated.

But there is always wishing and hoping! :+1:


So someone mentioned? Well that clinches it for me. :rofl:


So by moving the goal posts, I’m assuming you can now agree that there was no collusion? :thinking:


So, they tortured manafort for months and months for nothing as there was no collusion.

And in the summary they tell that what Mueller was trying to pass off as obstruction was done in public. Meaning tweets and answering questions. So, you’ve already heard or read them… lol!

Like the “Hey, Russia…” joke…


are they sorry they ruined a good man life? Flynn is a patriot. Someone should be prosecuted for his entrapment… That would be justice.


So you was in Helsinki? If not, I’m sure you could provide the video of that boot licking?