Will those who attacked Trump Patriotism and called him traitor apologize?


So what your’e saying is a good economy, jobs galore, prison reform, unemployment lowest in decades for minorities especially, better trade deals, energy independence, are “bad” policies!


It’s not surprising that the LIB media would rather focus on their Trump hating rather than report on conservative policies that are completely at odds with their liberal agenda.


They are Trump policies so they must be bad! :rofl:


So you really do think these career Law Enforcement officials, along with a Federal Judge, broke both their oaths of office AND broke the law. Incredible. All to deny the reality that you support a criminal. What more is there to discuss here?

You could argue that the crimes are not significant, and shouldn’t warrant too severe a punishment. Or just be honest and admit you flat out don’t care that you support a criminal. But instead you go the way of denying basic reality and create a conspiracy theory that Law Enforcement broke the law. Wow.


The left has such short memories they can’t even keep in mind Ol’ flexible making promises to Putin about after the election of 2012…

Heck, O’l Flexible used a debate to tell the world Russia was no threat, and it was his admin that let them interfere with the 2016 election…


Collusion delusion was proven…


We’ve had this pointless discussion more than a few times.

Mark my words, nothing will come of this. :wink:


Enjoy the anger/denial… It’s been a rough weekend for the dems…lol!


I think everyone is gonna have to wait out the euphoria of the Christian Values voters and fiscal conservatives before anyone can discuss what’s left and what actually happened.


Whether something comes of it is irrelevant. Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator to a series of felonies that were made to sway the election in his favor. This is reality. And you support him in spite of this reality. You support a criminal. Period. We know you don’t care, but it is the truth.


I am sorry that trump has sided with the enemies of america and is a chronic serial liar…


Thanks, Peek-a-bot.



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Yes i agree.


Clearly you don’t understand. I said that to give the person credit for saying it first in this thread.

Just stop…


I understand more than you can possibly imagine! :wink:


No, what I’m saying is his trade policy has made our economy worse, his massive tax cuts that disproportionately benefited the rich were done at the expense of exploding the deficit and increasing federal spending, and his efforts to sabotage our healthcare system has directly led to increased premiums.

Also, his best annual GDP can’t even top Obama.

He handed fewer jobs in his first two years than Obama’s last two years.

Real median weekly earnings in his first two years grew slower than Obama’s last two years.

Annual returns for the S&P500 have been lower during Trump’s presidency than Obama’s presidency.

Record trade deficits.

Oh, and because of exploding the deficit despite having full employment, he’s proposing we cut Medicaid and Medicare.

So yes, terrible policies.


And lets not forget that President Trump is harder on Putin then any other President in recent history and he told Angela Merkel of Germany NOT to buy oil from Russia and expect the USA to defend them when Russia turns on them!

President Trump is the worst BFF that Putin ever had!! :open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are simply regurgitating LW talking points.


The agenda is having better success for our country and Trump and the GOP’s policies are absolutely at odds with it.