Will those who attacked Trump Patriotism and called him traitor apologize?


No one has to apologize to me or any of the other military members that I know.
And you are telling made up things if you are saying Trump has mocked all soldiers because he hasn’t.
McCain was an adult who chose to step into the public light isn’t that what we heard about how the left treated him in 2008. Remember there are a lot of us who were around in 2008 when the of so saintly left said horrible things about McCain. Are you going to apologize for mocking him than?
And McCain did not sacrifice everything for this country he did the job he volunteered to do. And we all respect and thank him for that.
The ones that sacrificed everything for this country were the ones that came home in body bags. And I would appreciate it if you would give them the peace that they and they families deserve and not drag them into a political fight that they were not even a part of.
Get over the fact that Mueller didn’t find what you were hoping for. And stop dragging dead people through the streets to try and score a political point. Take a look in the mirror and realize that you condemn Trump for the exact same things that you are doing.


I’m stating facts. Empirical facts. Indisputable facts.


No. You really don’t.
Nice try though.


Hey that’s ok. I fully recognize that LIBs believe everything they spew to be factual. :+1:


As stated, we know you don’t care he is a criminal.


Which statement of fact do you disagree with? I’ll gladly point you to the primary source.


You are speaking only for Trump haters.


Nope. I’m simply telling the truth, and this truth is housed in objective reality. It has nothing to do with loving or hating Trump.


John McCain spent years in a prison camp and was tortured so brutally he could barely lift his arms for the remainder of his life. If your argument is that he did not sacrifice, I would question your understanding of the term.

And of course Trump has mocked soldiers. He belittled the service of John McCain and other prisoners of war by questioning their heroism. That is especially ridiculous coming from a man who had his father hire a doctor to make up a bone spurs diagnosis to avoid a draft and who jokes about his sexual promiscuity being his “personal Vietnam”.


Has there been a trail? I must have missed it. Has there been charges filed? I must have missed that too. Or is this just you letting your hate for Trump and republicans show how you could care less if we found out what really happened as long as you get your revenge for Hillary not being elected?


Been down this path before. I too can cherry pick statistics that will tell the story I’m interested in telling.

You are simply regurgitating the LW sanctioned talking points pointing to Trump as a failure. That doesn’t make it so.


Joking to an extent. Just using Trump’s own logic and words so if Mueller cannot be trusted doesn’t that mean that his report is worthless and nobody including Trump should be celebrating what Mueller found?


Sounding more like a LIB every day with your “simply telling the truth” nonsense.

As is usually the case of late, we are simply trading insults. I see no need to continue in this vain. I’m moving on.


Barr’s summary was equally clear that there was a substantial Russian effort to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump. Can we address that threat to our Republic or shall we allow that to be repeated in 2020?


I hardly consume any “media”. I consume primary sources—BLS, Census, BEA, CBO, treasure reports, stock market data, etc.

I was listing major economic indicators. That’s not cherry picking unless I stripped the entire orchard.


There was no collusion.

There never was collusion.

The exercise was a witch hunt initiated by the Clinton campaign and Obama administration. We are now seeing this being slowly revealed.


Irrelevant. These are the facts as submitted to a Federal Court by career Federal Prosecutors, and accepted by a Federal Judge. You can deny reality all you want, and engage in a conspiracy theory that has these career Law Enforcement officials and a Federal Judge all breaking the law and their oaths of office, but it does not make it reality.

As for Hillary, I could care less about her. I’m not a Democrat. I never voted for her, nor would I have ever voted for her. I voted for Cruz in the Primary and McMullin in the General.


Are libs the only ones here that simply tell the truth? Weird.

Have fun supporting a criminal. :wink:


Russian’s have been interfering with every campaign across the globe. That usually takes place in secret and respective governments combat it in secret.

Until now. TDS!


There are hundreds, if not thousands of economic indicators to choose from. They can be woven together to tell any story one wishes to tell.