Will those who attacked Trump Patriotism and called him traitor apologize?


No this was a Witch Hunt initiated by Trump’s own Department of Justice but we cannot even trust the report that just came out because Mueller himself is apparently discredited and not trustworthy according to the president and his supporters. So how can we know the truth until we have an actual investigator who is not compromised by the Deep state AKA Mueller


Wrong. Trump fell into this investigation by surrounding himself with witches and then got a special prosecutor called on himself (by his own party) because he’s a moron. All of this is his own fault.


Actually that isn’t remotely true. The Russia collusion hoax was manufactured before Trump ever took office.


Whatever makes you sleep better at night. :roll_eyes:


We learned from Barr’s report that the Russians made repeated overtures to the Trump campaign, none of which were reported to federal authorities.

To begin with we need to establish the precedent, that was firmly in place where I had security clearances years ago, that any overture that even hints at an effort to compromise your clearance should be reported IMMEDIATELY.

What you are suggesting is that the government is taking appropriate counter measures in secret. That would be the treacherous Obama/Clinton Deep State that you suddenly have decided you can rely on. Do you really believe that?


You should not talk about things you know nothing about. McCain was a soldier he did his job. Thousands of other soldiers did the same. It was what they volunteered and were drafted to do. McCain was captured and his time in a POW camp was horrible. We honor, respect and thank him for his service.
But he is not the only one who has been to war and the term ultimate sacrifice is reserved for those who gave their lives.
So you are mocking the soldiers who came home in body bags by calling what McCain survived as an ultimate sacrifice. He was able to live a long and happy life. There were many who 's lives ended at 18. And they and their families gave the ultimate sacrifice.
I know men who served in Vietnam who have no anger because someone chose in what ever manner they could to not have to serve in Vietnam. What they still have anger over is how the left treated them during and after the war.


I’ll sleep better when half the country remembers that Russian intelligence buzzing around in the inner circle of the President is serious business. Instead, people are cheering that Trump’s lies about it didn’t get him in so much trouble that he gets an orange jumpsuit.


I wouldn’t bother with him. He thinks that the government can actually provide all these free services on a national level, and that pure Socialism is the best policy.

He doesn’t seem to understand that the rich create jobs, and that lowering taxes in turn allows lower prices and more financial resources to increase wages. Moreover, he believes that more government is the solution to all the economic issues.


Well this thread proves one thing for sure…the outright ugly bitter anger the left has.


Coming from you that is quite the ironic post.


TDS on full display here.


So there is no level of sacrifice for a soldier other than death? Those who spend months away from families have not sacrificed? Those who come home and deal with PTSD? Who spent months or years being tortured in the jungles of Vietnam? Who lose a limb? It’s a strange argument.


We know what happened. You and everyone on the left made up a dream of what was going to happen in your heads. And when you didn’t get the result you wanted you were heart broken. How could Mueller and all those leftist lawyers let you down.
Gone are all the I just want to know the truth. It seems you all can’t handle the truth. You want revenge for your candidate that the media told you was sure to win and she lost to a person the media told you had no chance of winning.


I refer to cyber warfare that has been taking place in secret. Obama moved that into the open in order to make it look like these efforts were unique to Trump’s campaign.


Fire someone investigating Russian intelligence operations that occurred during the election.

Tell a Russian operative that you did it to take the pressure off of yourself.

Have your press secretary lie about the reason the investigator was fired.

Contradict that lie on national television.

Act surprised when your own party calls a special prosecutor on you.



These “efforts” as you like to downplay them as being, were completely unprecedented in their size and scope and brazenness, per the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee report on the election interference. This was a full-fledged attack on America by our largest, hostile foreign enemy, designed to specifically help one candidate and damage another candidate.

We know you don’t care because it is not about America for you, it is about your team, and as long as the attack helped your team, you could give a rat’s ass about the country. Just like you could care less about law and order, if it means turning a blind eye to crime helps your team. This is what is broken with America right now.


There is a big difference between coming home injured and coming home in a body bag… Which when you sign on that dotted line you know about. Like the fact that you are going to spend months away from home. You are going do see and do things that other people could not. All men going to Vietnam accepted that sacrifice and they also accepted the ultimate sacrifice. Which was coming home in a body bag.
There is a song that says some gave some and some gave all. As someone who served I would say that the men who’s lives ended and they came home in a body bag’s gave a whole lot more than the men who came who injured and were able to go on and live long lives with their families and friends. They gave all for their country.
Thank a soldier for his service today. Go volunteer at a veterans home today. Sacrifice some of your time to help veterans who came home and thank them for their services.
Dragging a dead soldiers body through the mud just to score a few political points is not cool and acting just like someone you hate is not respecting one soldier.


Agreed, looks like there was no collusion. Obstruction of justice appears to still be a possibility.

One thing I know, I didn’t need this investigation to decide I’ll never vote for Trump in 2020. He’s a terrible president and worse person. I can’t wait to cast a vote against him.


I’m actually pretty happy about the Mueller report. I knew the guy had integrity and said a long time ago that I trusted whatever he reported. Even made a thread about it.

That probably stings.


They’ll be jumping out of buildings or on suicide watch. Others vowing to move to ummmm (spinning the country wheel) Venezuela!