Will those who attacked Trump Patriotism and called him traitor apologize?


Well yes, it’s exactly true. Trump’s justice department decided there was enough evidence to appoint a special counsel to investigate.

And again, how can we trust this report to be credible when, for the last nearly two years, we’ve heard from Trump and his supporters that Mueller is not credible?


Indeed…and personal snide remarks from em. Which is part of symptoms of the disease.


I’d love for you to point to any post where I’ve asserted that “pure Socialism is the best policy.”

You can’t, because I haven’t.

I absolutely think that universal healthcare as implemented in various forms by a number of other countries is a far superior model compared to what we have as evidenced by their expenditures and aggregate results.

I absolutely think we could fund all tuition for public higher education institutions in this country simply by using a fraction of the revenues we would otherwise have if it were not for the Trump tax cuts.

So does government. So does the middle class. Even the poor and working class play a part in that they create a demand for goods and services that can be filled. That’s why a program like SNAP has a net positive benefit for every dollar that is spent.

Lowering taxes also results in a windfall of profits that results in a record buyback of stock. That contributed nothing to lower prices or increased wages. It contributed to nothing but rent-seeking. But ultimately, these tax cuts are deficit fueled and will never recoup their loss in revenue. Tax cuts do not pay for themselves. They never have. They never will. And due to the increased deficits, faux fiscal conservatives will start harping on cutting government spending. Which programs will be targeted? Those that disproportionately benefit the poor, working and middle classes.

I’ve never stated government is the solution to all economic issues.


Your nihilism is ridiculous. By this argument, we can never measure the aggregate health of an economy.

  1. 6 by Republican House committees.


I respectfully disagree. The little boy should be. The others have involved themselves and are fair game.


Yeah I rethought that as well. Just the little boy.


“Hey look at me…I strung together a bunch of talking points and think I said something substantive!”


That never happened

Patriots don’t illegally work for foreign nations


We don’t need any of that. We just need to try and vote it out now. If the trumpers re-elect it, we’ll hold our breath for another 4 years and pray is doesn’t do anything too stupid or hurt this country further.


Thank you OP!


Obsession with everything Trump


Well sure we can and do. The two parties just can’t agree on the state of that health. :wink:


Translation. LIBs don’t like conservative policies and CONs don’t like liberal policies.

Surprise! Surprise!


You still don’t seem to be getting it. The Russia collusion fantasy didn’t originate with Trump’s DOJ. :roll_eyes:


I can’t wait to cast my vote for Trump! :+1:


Also we haven’t seen the actual report. This seems forgotten and bears repeating. We’ve currently got a summary report constructed by someone Trump appointed because he was against this investigation in the first place.

It’s funny - they think this narrowly focused investigation, which resulted in several guilty pleas and prison sentences, would be vindication for all of the awful plain-sight atrocities of this administration thus far? Helsinky? Charlottesville Apologism? Stormy Daniels? It’s an endless parade of garbage. Outright Russian “collusion” was just a grain of sand on this beach.

And for all the gloating and chest thumping there sure is a lot of flagging going on today.


Does the Fake news media know what an apology means?
For the ones that do know, I doubt that they are possible to do so. lol.


The Mueller report came out and said the Access Hollywood tape is fake and Trump has never told a lie. Is it time for the left to apologize for all the negative coverage they have given the greatest president in history?


Awesome. Good for you.