Will those who attacked Trump Patriotism and called him traitor apologize?


So the flagging truce is over? Maybe time for returns to safe spaces? What I find interesting about this whole no collusion thing is - if Trump wasn’t beholden to Putin for helping with his campaign, it makes it that much more pathetic that Trump is such a little lap dog to Putin.


Why would we need to thank someone for simply doing their job?

And you aren’t using that word in a consistent manner.


It certainly begs the question what Putin has over Trump.


Or if Trump is really that much of a beta.


And nobody used the term ultimate sacrifice in the entire thread except for you. Nice goalpost move though


…so therefore we can dismiss all economic indicators. Is that your position?


You still don’t seem to be getting it. Trump spent nearly two years deriding an American hero for doing the job HIS (Trump’s) administration hired him to do, and whose investigation Trump could have put to an end whenever he wanted.

So why do we now believe that man’s report? Serious question.


So Trump hating is the MSM’s job? :confused:


Literally none of what you have posted here is how the economy actually operates.

And I will make a fair bet you’ve misconstrued @adroit’s political/economic positions as well.


Not at all. I’m simply stating that the volumes of data published by the government can by spun to tell pretty much any story. How else could both sides use that data to tell two completely different stories?


No its not.


Why…because some are more honest about it than others, of course!



There was no collusion. In regards to obstruction, how does one go about obstructing something that never existed in the first place???


Soon as the republicans who claimed Obama committed high crimes apologize


I’ve analyzed the numbers just the same under Trump as I have under Obama. Hell, even in these examples I’m providing, I’m comparing the same metrics at different points in time. How can that be misconstrued?


When there’s an investigation X looking in to whether matter Y actually happened, the obstruction isn’t for Y. It’s for X. Y doesn’t have to pan out for there to be obstruction of investigation X.


Obama has completed his 2 terms. Trump is in the middle of his first term. We can compare the two when Trump is gone.

And to your point. You chose the measurements you would focus on and you came to your conclusions based on those measurements. Those on the other side have chosen different measurements to focus on in order to tell a very different story.

Whose story is more accurate? It really depends on the story being told. If you are preaching to a Trump hating choir then yours would provide a more accurate telling.


There was no collusion and there was no obstruction. Continuation of this charade by DEMs will only ensure Trump is handily reelected in 2020. Trump thrives on that kind of stuff and he will have a field day on the campaign trail - just as he did in 2016.


You asked a question, I answered how. Obstructing an investigation into a particular matter doesn’t require the matter to be proved in order for obstruction to be committed. I was making no comment as to the validity of collusion or obstruction claims.


I’m using pretty macro indicators. It’s not like I’m cherry picking some little, nuanced, obscure metrics. GDP. Jobs created. Real earnings. Annualized S&P 500 returns.

And I hate to tell you this, but the typical “Needs more time” conservative argument isn’t going to pan out here. With more time, things are going to get worse. The economy is slowing. The yield curve just inverted on Friday. A recession is likely to come in the next 12-18 months. So these apples-to-apples comparisons are going to continue to paint Trump in a worse light.