Why were members of the Church attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets?

That looks like it applied to Sunday.

Get better sources.

Okay, cool. That makes a lot more sense.

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Oh thats great you found the order that we talked about earlier that so now the tweet form the major, that issued it, is now clear to you.so that good that you now agree

Why was mayor bowser’s police force firing on protesters at Judiciary Square??

Very good question

joe biden didn’t even mention the church being burned.

I guess that’s normal for a dimocrat who supported segegationists and talks about how much he loved yucking it up with them.

The Ruling Class doesn’t like it when the peasants get unruly.


LOL to funny…say the guy that wanted cops/police to kill ranch protest, 2nd Amendment protestors in Virginia and those that protest the lock down in Michigan.

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Administration should be careful.
The clergy could make this building a sanctuary…right across the street from the White House.
Then what’s next? Drone strike?? :us: :elephant:

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Well, except for the fact she wasn’t there. She was watching it on TV and got mad.

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The White House says they were ordered to disperse.

All of the witnesses, and the videos say differently.

Maybe a good idea to actually ask though don’t you think?

He doesn’t have to ask her permission to stand on a sidewalk.

Maybe IF he used a church as a prop for a stunt to try and deflect from the news he hid in the bunker and wanted to look tough then maybe he should have asked

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Fair enough. What do the Park Police who dispersed them say?

He, nor I or even you for that matter, do not have to ask her permission to stand on the sidewalk.

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Neither the MPD nor Park Police took part in the dispersal, as far as I understand. That was all Secret Service.


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If anyone wants to know how the rest of the world is seeing this:

I didn’t hear any warnings.

Here’s the incident from a different angle:

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No tear gas was used.

Mobs are dangerous. Bad actors swimming with the fishes.