Why were members of the Church attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets?

Sorry, I had to read this posting twice. Apparently you haven’t a clue as to the extreme measures the Secret Service will go to in order to protect the POTUS. Forcibly removing civilians if necessary from a perimeter to insure safety is basic actually.
Your assertion would have us believe LEOs and Military personnel simply showed up and started gassing and shooting. The “protesters” were afforded the opportunity to leave the area after being warned. Chances are they ignored the warning being the entitled idioti they are. They might get away with scuffling with police whose municipal leaders have instructed their commanders to lay off an “give them their space”. This is the POTUS, you’re getting peppered.

The first sentence is what she disagrees with. She does not believe the protesters should have been tear gassed, etc. 25 minutes before curfew. The last second was a sarcastic inference not shared by myself or the mayor.

They were ordered to disperse.

Bruh nothing says entitled like removing a bishop from their own church so you can have a photo-op


@ohknow35 thoughts? Is Muriel Bowser wrong? Does she not understand her own rules?

If they were allowed to be there and they were not violating curfew or other laws that is a non sequitur.

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They weren’t allowed to be there after they were ordered to disperse.


I agree with you, but don’t tell the other kids. Looks like it was very poorly handled.


They shouldn’t have been ordered to disperse in the first place.

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Which rule again??


The Secret Service has a very, very heavy hand.


And let the looters and rioters go free!

The problem is that all the protesters and reporters who were there are saying there was no such warning. So if we could find some video of those orders being given that would be groovy.

This order i guess

I agree, good luck.

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So as it stands there is no evidence of a dispersal order?

A news report of a White House Statement.

I believe the people are gonna want something a little better than that.

So, the curfew wasn’t even at 7? It was at 11?

I guess the White House wanted these folks to have 3 and a half hours to get home?

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Good luck.

What’s that again??