Why were members of the Church attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets?

Why was it felt necessary that members of the St johns Church, where Mr. Trump had his Photo opp yesterday, had to be fired upon with rubber bullets and tear gas? Would it not have been a better photo opp to have members of the clergy who actually run the church along side him would that not have added to his message?

There’s a lot of crazy ■■■■ going on around there right now. In case she hadn’t noticed, leftist ■■■■■■■■ burned her church the night before.

The protestors were violating curfew. They weren’t clearing out when ordered. Even msnbc shows trump standing at the church after the 7PM curfew had taken effect.

Why does this have to be explained so many times??

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So this is why members of the clergy, even the bishop were removed? Did Mr. Trump ask permission from the Bishop to visit? Surely it would have been a more powerful image if Mr. Trump was seen with the Bishop to show his religious rights credentials I am sure this would have been a much more powerful image dont you agree?

No they weren’t. They started gassing at around 6:30, before the curfiew.


The walk to the church was propaganda. The tear gas and rubber bullets the message.


Were they home by 7??

They gassed peaceful protestors before the curfiew took affect. Are you saying the assault was justified because they were going to break curfiew?


It was a total domination…and Trump is very proud of it.:roll_eyes:

Yup. His ego was hurt, with all the mocking of him hiding in a bunker. So he had to show how big of a man he is with his little photo op.

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Are you serious?

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Got to get them moving somehow.

Did they have a permit in the first place??

Why no protesters at the Capitol??

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That’s how a curfew works. Have to backwards plan.

They were warned 3 times.

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That’ll usually do it.

any military or law enforcement involved in the attack need to be arrested and prosecuted.
lock them up as the criminals they are

The person who imposes the curfew disagrees. What do they know.

Disagrees with what?

That it was OK to begin tear gas, flash bangs and rubber bullets 25 minutes before the curfew. I guess the belief is everyone there lives at least 25 minutes away, so begin enforcing the curfew early to make sure everyone gets home on time.

Well then she doesn’t disagree with me.

That’s crazy.