Why is Putin Popular in the West?

Thanks. So a later segment? Good for him.

I understand all the nuance, but simply put, if someone asked me if Putin was a strong leader, I would say no because strong has positive connotations.

Why is Putin your boogeyman?

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He literally just invaded his neighbor with about 200,000 troops. That’s just in the past month. Do you need all the ■■■■ before that?

Boils down to this:

Ultimately, Smith says, “it’s not about Putin at all - it’s all about American domestic politics.”

A mistaken belief…helped along by Putin himself…that Russian society is the type of society some right wing Americans would like to see here.

Even though Russian society is nothing like that bygone American society for which they long. Neither Putin nor Russia share those values (that you would call “liberalism”) in the slightest.

So no not admiration…a misplaced feeling of kinship.

No different than the American Communists that admired the Soviet Union.

Every generic ■■■■ head out there is stronger than Biden. America is the embarrassment of the world right now and it’s all thanks to grown ass children, too mentally and emotionally fragile to resist going full retard over mean tweets.

All these projections of conservatives loving Putin is desperate compensation on their part. We’re not the ones who put America Last. :wink:


That makes him their boogeyman. Meanwhile 100k of your fellow citizens a year are dying of fentanyl over doses. Have 100k Americans been killed in Putin’s War?

So yeah, why else is Putin your boogeyman?

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You’re still ascribing motive and committing a fundamental attribution error… of a 3rd rate pundit… as proof of…

It’s specific to strength.

Hitler was a strong leader too.

“Stronger” is not about a positive or negative impression of the person.

Your attempt to insert something that is not there is noted.

Why do you insist on such flat-out dishonest insinuations?


You’re big on trying to keep people on topic…so is it out of line for me to ask that you stay on the topic of Putin/Russia? Not sure how fentanyl got thrown in.

It’s in your quote of Carlson. Did you not read your own link?

I think a lot of people in this thread are confusing power with strength.

Trump had a lot of trouble with that distinction as well.

Strawman is not just a rhetorical tactic, it’s a way of life.

It’s part of the Carlson quote that is underlying the theme of the link you posted.

Physician, heal thyself.

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What’s the difference? Is power not strength?

You can in fact condemn putin for murdering ukrainians, AND work to end drug ODs in America.

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I can.

Yet you’ve done one.

because he said he agreed with Carlson, He later clarified that he didn’t agree with that part.

No “he” didn’t.