Why is Putin Popular in the West?

I don’t particularly like this article because it simplifies a lot of things, but it is interesting that Putin has drawn so much admiration from certain people:

Well, to characterize that quote from Carlson as an example of admiration is completely dishonest. I stopped reading there.

And I don’t for that fellow at all.

I don’t particularly like your article either. Does it ever show any actual “admiration” for Putin?


I didn’t write the article. I posted it in a forum for discussion. And I specifically said I didn’t particularly like it. But maybe you should read all of it. Then we could discuss.

I am discussing it. It’s garbage.


But you said you didn’t read it.

Strawman. I said where and why I stopped reading it.

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Okay…this is just going to go bad like always. Maybe someone other than you would like to discuss and this thread isn’t about you. So please leave it open for others to discuss.

No, it isn’t about me. It’s about your garbage article. A thin attack on “the right” based on a strawman with “evidence” that doesn’t support the lie.

Comparing and contrasting a bad actor with a worse actor does not mean or even imply one “loves” the bad actor.

China is doing damage to the US. Russia isn’t so far.

It’s childish. “You don’t hate him so you live him!” Straight off the playground at recess.


Just to be clear…You Sneaky are against playground recess antics on this forum? Name calling…things like that. I want to be clear on that before I respond.

I am against garbage media articles broad brushing half the country with childish lies. Especially the half I caucus with.


This article was written by a low information for low informations.


But most of the time childish antics are okay here? So long as it doesn’t broad brush your caucus?

More narrative construction with strawman. I’ll use my own words in my posts, thank you.

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“Russia is a Christian nationalist nation,” Republican candidate Lauren Witzke told the audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

“I identify more with Putin’s Christian values than I do with Joe Biden.”

A recent poll showed that 62 per cent of Republican voters believe Putin is “a stronger leader” than Joe Biden.

The Carlson quote isn’t admiration but it sure is wonderment that someone would hate Putin, which shows a certain affinity to him.

Funny how they single out Carlson asking if he is the enemy Dems think he is. Where have we heard similar comments. Wasn’t it a presidential debate. Now who could that had been? Who tried a kid toy to reset Russian relations? Seems Dems have amnesia again.


I think Putin is a stronger leader then Biden also. So was Stalin and Hitler doesn’t mean I have the slightest admiration for them. Also doesn’t mean their leadership is good, admired or sought after.


Is that not true? Did Putin make it so?

Abortion? One woman? Congratulations.

You disagree? I don’t think there’s any doubt about “stronger” - he’s basically a dictator.

As much as I don’t care for Carlson, you missed the mark. China.

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It’s a common tactic among libs. Strawman of characterization. Trump is “in love with” Putin. Non-libs are in love with Putin. Smear thine enemy, even it it’s a lie.

They know it.

But it’s all they got.


I knew this would turn into a semantics debate.

You don’t think ‘stronger’ has positive connotations?

What do you expect?

You’ve created a thread based on a deliberate mischaracterization. Someone points that out, and you say, “Well I didn’t write the article…”

Thread should end with that.