Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


It sounds like we are a society in decline and the best days are behind us? I am the upper end of the millennial range, but I see these traits more in the younger millennials than in my range. Maybe Gen Z will come out different in a better way, I have read that a greater percentage of them compared to millennials are skipping college and going to trade schools.


That’s completely over dramatic.


How many White nationalists do you know? And have they tried to oppress anyone? And why would they tell you that they are white nationalists?


What does assimilate with American culture mean?


What does it mean to you?


It’s your OP… I want to know the position you are working from. That requires YOUR definition of “assimilation” as it pertains to American culture.


It could have different meanings for different people, I can only tell you what it means for me. Follow the rule of law, better respect for the constitution especially free speech. It’s a big list, what do you think American culture is or are there none?


I don’t buy into the population pyramid scheme. We have nearly 350 million people. We will need to increase that to 400 million in order to take care of retirees. Then increase to 500 million in order to take care of the previous 400 million. It’s a nightmare that never ends.

The most important thing was can do is to not import people with no skills that we will end up taking care of on public assistance. That’s a no brainer.


I don’t believe in it either but it gets a lot of coverage and attention.


This ■■■■ again? Must be a slow news day.


I’d rather deal with my largely Asian Indian Muslim neighbors than with some of the native borns. My immigrant neighbors aren’t kvetching about such business as—gasp—some poor soul let an inspection sticker expire on a vehicle or forgot about their laundry, or :dizzy_face:kids are playing and making noise during hours not posted as quiet hours.

I swear to God if a couple had sex in one of the units and made noise an emergency meeting of the HOA would be called. Thank God we’re leaving at the end of the month, and am praying nothing jeopardizes that.


That’s one consequence those advocating “a woman’s freedom to choose” didn’t bother to consider.


I’m sorry, what? Since the O P is about Muslims, most in the U S are relatively integrated, and relatively few are low income compared to the non Muslim majority population


“Condom” a person?

Judo, are you aware you just made a funny mistake on the level of “the price of gay”?

Condom=latex or lambskin prophylactic to enjoy sex without certain consequences

Condemn=harshly judge


One should definitely study immigration trends, as well as the attitudes and integration of immigrants in any western country.


English is his second language.


Heterogeneity in an otherwise homogenous environment tends to trigger rejection, violence and suppression.

Added heterogeneity in an already diverse environment tends to strengthen all sides, while allowing residual affectations and mores to remain intact.

The United States is unique in this regard, no national race, religion or characteristic. A melting pot, so to speak. So that is a very good reason why one can blend and yet stand apart here. Whether we are talking a burqa, a yarmulka or dressed in magic underwear or simple Amish garb.

And in each instance, their insights, opinions and mannerisms add to the fabric of this republic. Because we are not alike in any other aspect other than we are Americans. And an American can be anything they wish to be.

Assimilation implies weakness of our bonds, an implied homogeneousness that doesn’t exist and if it did, should be killed without hesitation. Our strength and power comes from diversity, it adds adaptability and cleverness, it makes us healthier.

Any opinion to the contrary wishing for “assimilation” seems to me to be derived from one who never truly understood why this nation is as tremendous as it is.


This is nothing more than broad brushing, and nothing to do with assimilation. You’re confusing Islamic countries and their laws and immigrants. Do some immigrants harbor those views? Probably. Does that mean that ALL immigrants don’t assimilate. Nope.

It’s beyond unreasonable to expect people to instantly assimilate. But by the second generation, their children are pretty much assimilated.

This is nothing more than a lame attempt to further attack Islam. Sad!


Good luck getting any sort of response. Maybe the no true Scotsman fallacy. But I’ve learned that all you have to do is to look at what people in the right are up in arms about, and they’re probably projecting.


This is unchartered waters for us. Assimilation as I’m using the term is a love for your new county and an internal desire to make it even better, because of you and what you bring. It’s when that love for your new home is missing and so is the desire to make it even better because of your contributions. As the country evolves, I hope it continues to be a melting pot of many cultures and not a firebomb of extremism by those forming their new home or from with in by those rejecting this new addition?


Yeah he primarily speaks French. Judo’s good people.

That particular error reminded me of DLaw and “the price of gay”, though.

:thinking: Maybe if more people are condomed the price of gay will decrease.