Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


Assimilation, at least with the first generation, is something of a myth:


About 2/3 of the way through the story, immigrants not wishing to stay on a permanent basis, hence they failed to learn English, are mentioned.

There are some Muslims here on a temporary basis. If a student or temporarily staying on a work basis, it probably behooves them to learn English. But why totally give up your ways if you’re in the country on some sort of temporary visa?


Yuo made up that definition.


So did you.:sunglasses:


That makes no sense…again.


If a prospective patient calls, let’s say, an insurance company looking for a new doctor, the representative may ask if that individual has a preference for a male or female doctor. Whether you like it or not, some patients feel more comfortable with one sex or the other.

Would you take away that freedom of choice? What’s it to you if a man would prefer to talk with a male Principal about his own children?

Oh, incidentally, I don’t think it’s a male superiority/female inferiority thing. Both sexes obviously serve a divine purpose, although Muslims aren’t foolish enough to believe the two sexes are equal.

There is a prohibition on men and women who aren’t family meeting together alone. Look how well meeting alone with an unrelated woman worked for individuals like Kobe Bryant. Maybe that’s behind their not meeting with a female teacher in person, but with a male teacher or Principal instead.

Some states have similar rules, for example, in MA, if a male doctor performs an intimate exam on a female patient, like a Pap, a female assistant must be present as a witness. The two sexes can’t be alone without a third party present. Saves both parties future indignities like molestation or false accusations.


I’m curious, with regards to the O P’s forever fixation on Muslims, women and gays, when exactly conservatives started giving a rat’s rear end about any of those groups, particularly the latter two. That’s puzzling.

Oh, they put on a big show about concern for Muslim women, seeming to possess a wierd idea that they’re somehow 180 degrees different than their male counterparts. Look up Iman Ali Hirsi’s book “Infidel”. Examples of Muslim female cruelty abound.

They seem to have this bizarre fascination with Muslim women’s wardrobe. Here’s a hint for the O P: don’t like it? Don’t invite a woman wearing it into your home. Or to any social event you’re hosting. Should you be in a position to pick an interview candidate for a job, don’t select any who wear traditional Muslim garb.

There. Problem solved.


This is just so Racist!!! They shouldn’t have to assimilate!

Americans(Mainly the white devil men, but only if you’re a Republican),
should have to assimilate to accommodate anyone that comes into this country
illegally or not! lol.

You’re some how a Racist if you’re an American, not willing to learn other
languages, and pick up other countries cultures. Who cares about America’s
culture, right? Secret; The Democrat Politicians don’t care! lol.


I guess the Democrat Politicians expect Americans to “love everyone”.

Even if they are a terrorists. lol.
If you don’t allow a terrorist to blow up whatever they want, you’re a Racist
America! lol.


It is contradictory that Hillary, and the Democrat Politicians actually
support, and get donations from countries that seem to enjoy suppressing women.

Treating women as not equals. If the Democrat Party is all for equality, then
wouldn’t they say no, and not get donations, and not support the countries that do
that to women and gays?


We don’t have any entitlements. It’s already our money. Lifted from our paychecks. I would be happy if I got back 50 percent of the money that the feds raided from my paycheck to use for my retirement. I will never get anything close to the SS that they took out. From my point of view, they owe me bigly.


if some muslims marched with the unite the right rally in charlottesville and chanted “jews will not replace us” would conservatives consider that to be assimilation into american culture?


get Trump to sign it first and then maybe youll have some credibility… thats a big maybe…


They sure say the most colorful things in Western European countries were the population is much greater than 1% like in the U.S.

Things so over the top it would probably make the racist at Charlottesville blush. At least we haven’t gotten to the point of walk a Jew safely to work day as they did in Sweden.


When you factor in Medicare, you likely will get more in benefits than you paid in.


Liberal Logic says that if Jewish people don’t agree with what Democrat
Politicians have to say then it’s probably only because they’re all Racist,
and part of the KKK. lmao! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You didnt answer…

If muslims marched with the unite the right rally would that be considered assimilation into american culture?

Conservatives want muslims to assimilate… if they joined some conservatives in their neo nazi groups why would conservatives not consider that assimilation?


If muslims joined conservatives at their local kkk chapter wouldnt conservatives be happy they are assimilating?


Personally, I think that all Conservatives are just Racists. Everyone in America
should assimilate to other cultures, and adopt theirs as America’s.

As Americans we should give up our core principles, and our cultures,
and simply do what Democrat Politicians want us to do. Which is to adopt
everyone else’s culture, and apologize in the process. lol.


The Soup Nazi was a Muslim - nice guy.


Muslims from Middle Eastern background are considered white.