Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


The answer is simple. They don’t want to. They did not migrate to Europe, Minnesota or Michigan with assimilation in mind. They are not here to embrace western culture. They are coming to embrace western wealth. Western culture and Islamic/Arabic have very little in common. And many Muslim migrants appear to have little interest in adapting to our way of life. Support for gay rights is non existent in the Islamic world. Women are still seen as inferior to a 12 year old boy and 50 year old men marrying 12 year old girls is not considered to be abhorrent. In fact, in Brunei the sentence for being gay has now gone from 10 years in prison to death by stoning. Who in the hell stones people to death? A culture who is stuck in the 7th century, that’s who. Liberal group think does not allow for criticism of Islam, so very few liberals will speak out against this (some will).

Ask yourself this: If you were to move to Brunei, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia, how long would it take before you started to embrace Islamic/Arabic culture? My guess is never. So why would you expect Islamic migrants to embrace our culture?


My colleague and former boss is Iranian, Muslim, and as American as anyone I know; great guy! Well except for being a fan of the ■■■■■■■ Raiders.


seems to me one of the freshmen congressperson, a certain Rep. Omar has assimilated very well.



Well this OP has zero basis in reality. Not to mention that many on the right would cheer with glee to strip away rights for gays and criminalize being LGBT.


Congratulations. That’s why I did not use the phrase “all Muslims.” That doesn’t change anything that I said. There are millions of Muslims who have no intent to support gay rights, equal rights for women or any other western value. Am I right?


Where did we get our various traditions in the US? Immigration. That’s assimilation.


Do you know any Muslims? I think clearly not, but might as well ask.


This is why I’m calling for a complete and total shutdown on Muslims entering this country, until our representatives can figure out what in the hell is going on!


Because their coming here.



There are millions of Christians who also have no intent to support gay rights (which is now integral to western culture? Sweet!)…

What do you think about that?


So many foreign brown people to be afraid of.



I live in a neighborhood with a good proportion of Muslims.

There is a Muslim school around the corner from me. During the NYC marathon they stand out on the route and hand out water to the runners and cheer them on.

My mechanic is an Iranian named Mohammed. Grumpy guy… but really nice. Always asks how my wife is doing.

The local sub shop is owned by a couple of Palastinians… they make a mean Bacon Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich.

Of course… no one ever asks why the Hasidim don’t assimilate.


You’re right. But there are also tens of millions of Americans that also have no intent to support gay rights, equal rights for women. We have christian clergy that call for the death of gays and believe that women should be subservient to their husbands.


Also millions of Republicans.


Do you live in a reality where Islam does not execute gays? They support gays rights and equality for women? Where did you find such reality?

Want some reality? My wife works in a school system near a world renowned hospital. There are many wealthy Muslims here seeking treatment for family members. It is not uncommon to see women walking around in full burka. Pretty creepy stuff. Also, when parents of school kids discuss educational issues, they must speak with a male figure such as a principle. Speaking with a female teacher is below the dignity of a man. So of course, the school sucks up to Islam and provides the man that they demand.


Christians are not assimilating? Do we need a Christian ban?


Why congratulate? Stop being so afraid to live.




Hell… there is a whole swath of this country that insists on flying the flag of a seditious rebellion and fight tooth and nail to put up statues to traitors.

When are they going to assimilate?


Soon, after yet another face plant of an OP, comes the hand waving about politeness and manners.