Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


Monetarily no. Socially, in some strange way yes. People always say their children and marriage make them happier, and many peoplrle have children just because well thats what “you do”. But usually the body language and demeanor say otherwise for many I’ve seen. Its a massive amount of work and stress. Marriage and kids can put you into the grind, with no turning back, if you arent careful/stand up for yourself.


Uh, this thread was poisoned in the first post and repeatedly do throughout it.

Didn’t you notice?

Probably not. Your “groupthink” won’t allow you to see it.


Curious that you expect them to embrace a socialist motto.


Wisconsin just elected a judge that compared gay people to animal ■■■■■■■ declaring no constitutional protections on them.

Tell me more about Muslim treatment of gay people… Maybe they’ll fit right in.


The Hasidim in Brooklyn are particularly awful.

Right now we have measles outbreak because of them.


What’s curious is your response?


The one question I haven’t seen asked is what does “assimilate” mean? What boxes does a person need to check in order to be considered “assimilated”?

Pat Buchanan tried to trot this out on Laura Ingram’s show. Saying black people have been here since 1619 and still haven’t fully assimilated.

Seem like this OP just swapped black for Muslims (who are largely considered black in the US).


It would appear they have to give up all ties to their culture and religion (if not christian)


But we are told countless times recently by the left about declining birth rates as well as we need more people in the west to fill jobs. This is one of the main arguments for turning a blind eye on illegal immigration.


Why are people in the west not having more sex and the birth rates are declining, what has changed?


Where is the white genocide you speak of?


They started doing this recently in Hungary to reverse the decline, to early to tell if its working.


Immigration doesn’t change birth rates or affect population growth. These are separate issues.


I think you are getting to the heart of the problem. There are the other factors but it’s interesting that outside of Japan this is mostly a western problem that rarely gets discussed.


Speak for yourself

better access to birth control?
Cost of raising children?


Can you link to Democrats saying “we need more people to fill jobs?”

Or are you just confused, and mistaking people pointing out that corporations, and our subsequent GDP growth, (things the right are obsessed with) rely on them for cheap labor?

Stating the reality of a situation does not mean you agree with it.


Solo sex, helicopter parents, lack of social skills, medications, quite a few things. And of course millenials are lazy even when it comes to sex.


You told us not to! Make up your damn minds!


I did no such thing. I said if you get a girl pregnant don’t bring your irresponsible ass back home :slight_smile:


Costs of raising children in the west is a huge issue and I put it up there as a big reason for the decline. Do you think the people (mainly the media) are overstating the decline? It’s not my argument but a lot of people bring up the issue because less people will be paying into the system as more and people retire, hence more retirees than people paying taxes.

Their report found fertility rate falls meant nearly half of countries were now facing a “baby bust” - meaning there are insufficient children to maintain their population size.

The researchers said the findings were a “huge surprise”.

And there would be profound consequences for societies with “more grandparents than grandchildren”.