Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


so you have met perfectly normal Muslim Americans, why are you still assuming they are all the same?


Awesome. That’s cool. But Millions would no more accept Western culture than you would accept Islamic/Arabic culture as your own. And that is why they have trouble assimilating. It’s not my opinion. In Europe where mass migration has occurred, this is a he problem with Europeans who must deal with it.

BTW. Tarek has no problem with gays either.


Why is it liberals are so obsessed with skin color? Would have thought liberals would have learned from your racists past.


I could careless what someone personal opinion are when they start changing the laws of the land we can talk about them being an issue.


Yeah the Democrats did.


Okay. I get it. Anyone who is anti gay or does not support women’s rights must be condemned. Unless of course they are Islamic. Liberal groupthink ideology does not allow for any harsh judgement of anything Islamic. Totally consistent with everything I have seen.


Who’s condemning anyone? They just can’t dictate laws… whether Christian or Islamic.

Most religions are intolerant, but that is irrelevant to being a citizen and “assimilating”.


No condom the person.

If you met someone who is anti gay call them out.
If you met someone who is anti woman rights call them out.

don’t condom 1.3 billion people because of their religion.
like you said you have met Muslim who don’t agree with those things.


Nope. Not correct. The anti gay, anti women person who is Islamic does not get criticized by liberals. Groupthink does not allow it. The subject is completely avoided.


again your asking me to condom 1.3 billion people as anti-gay/anti-woman because of their religion.
I’m not going to do that.

I will condom people like the government of Burmi, The government of Iran, etc
show me a person being anti-gay and I will condom them.


And on the bus that takes them to NYC for work, men and women sit on opposite sides with a curtain running down the middle.


No, no and no. None of these groups torture and execute gays, place women as inferiors and marry children.

So Again. Nope.


Do you care about women’s rights?


Last time I checked there were some white nationalist marches and someone drove a car through the protestor crowd. Also, right wing terror is on the rise globally. And here we have the right wing in America hyper focused on muslims, Mexicans, and others from south america. Not to mention ya’ll just elected a birther. Theres also various right wing boards across the internet where racism is openly posted. Just calling the trend like I see it.

But I get it. We only allowed to post critiques about muslim and mexican behavior, and broadbrush them. Not white caucasions who lean right.


I would watch out how many people you condom, people might start talking!


I’ve known many old fashioned families of other faiths and cultures do the same thing. We even have Americans supposedly modern and assimulated and all doing it…it’s called Mansplainin’.

We won’t even get into INCEL.


My wife and my both of mistresses think so.


Yes, I do. Which is why I’m happy to see Muslim women from oppressive Islamist countries have a chance to have equal rights in this country.

Now, do you care about women’s rights?


As I said. My wife and my both of mistresses think so.


was it the Muslim that tried to ban gay marriage in America?