Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


Dinosaur? But wait did you not vote one into office and currently support him now?

Anyway do you find anything wrong with folks having duel citizenship? Do you have problems with Little Italy, Jewish communities, Chinatown, Greek communities, Filipino communities, Irish communities, etc…?

As a 1st generation American, I enjoy both so-called American culture and Jamaican culture. I sing the Star Spangled Banner and the Jamaican National Anthem. My family celebrate Independence day(American and Jamaican) on July 4th and August 6th. Is this a problem to you?


No. I have a problem with child marriage, anti Semitism, persecution of gays and grown assed women being placed below a 12 year old boy. Do you?


I know Jews who acknowledge the birth of Jesus of Nazareth as the Christ. Go figure.


Hmm, besides bacon do your Hebrew friends keep kosher?


I have Jewish friends who do keep kosher and celebrate the high holidays. I have other Jewish Friends who are very secular.

No one questions their Jewishness.

So I find it odd that when I relate stories of Muslims that live and work in my neighborhood, who consider themselves Muslim yet do not keep Halal have their Muslimness questioned.

That’s all.


Do “honor killings” count?

Stoning may not be a thing here because it’s too public.

Honor killings the most recent is last year. 2018.


Thought maybe a local paper might have done a story on it. It’s a pretty damning charge. If that happened in my town, it would 100% be the topic of a board of education meeting, and therefore would be covered in the local paper.


Man, that’s a lot of the South you don’t like.


see…I was going to say something crass as my response to you, however I really don’t want to get banned so I will simply say…sure ok and No.


Wait… are we still talking about muslims or the rednecks?

Other than the god the bow to, you just described half the south…


Should germans be required to condemn hitler?

Should white europeans be required to condemn white supremicists?

Should christians be required to condemn the crusades?


Wow! Strange to here the name Kiryas Joel on a political forum. I lived in Monroe NY, which shares a border with KJ. These people are 2nd, 3rd generation Americans and you’re right. They have NEVER assimilated. I worked for UPS and when I’d deliver to them, they would not take the pad from my hands because I’m a woman. They share no society with Goys at all. They too, wear strange clothing.


Good for you! Wise choice. Why would you ever insult someone who has always treated you well? And it’s also the polite choice too. Unprovoked insults are always a bad idea. Don’t you agree?


Have you ever interacted with a Muslim?


Are you giving me a test?


You claiming Muslim can’t be Americans because of their religion, I’m asking if you ever met one.


People coming into this country aren’t required to assimilate. Only to follow the laws.


Okay, I’ll bite. Tarek, Khalil and Dia. I’ve even been drunk with one. :grin:

Now it’s my turn. Ever asked a Muslim if men are superior to women? Or what he thinks about gay rights?


60 years ago people said black people couldn’t assimilate which is why America had to segregate them.


My friends wife is a Muslim who support gay rights.

I bet you can find Christian who think men are superior to woman and that gay shouldn’t have rights.