Why is it so difficult for Muslims to assimilate?


So do you support immigration or Muslim women from Islamist countries? It doesn’t appear so based on this thread but I don’t want to make assumptions.


I see you have moved the goalposts. Go back and read your OP. Nothing in there about sanctions. What you do say is liberals won’t criticize Islam. I showed you where the UN has done so and could show many more examples.

The very definition of moving the goalposts.


Is it the Muslim that refuse to make paid maturity leave mandatory?


America is one of Brunei largest trading partners maybe you should stop buying oil form them.


I’m okay with it as long as it’s not a massive, unvetted wave such as we have seen in parts of Europe. Where the quality of life has been greatly reduced. But we can’t simply evacuate all of the world’s bad areas and send them here. It’s not sustainable.

My current position on immigration, is that it’s way too high. I would support about 500,000 immigrants per year. I have seen my own quality of life reduced due to population growth and the paving of everything. Plus, it puts a huge strain on our infrastructure. Highways, water, schools, public assistance and energy. Again It’s not sustainable.


Agreed. The politicians should stop fighting with each other and let us get as much oil from our own ground as possible. I would cut out as much of the middle east as possible.


Ok, the autocorrect is hilarious here. Am I the only one?


So because there are white nationalist you you feel liberals should obsess about peoples color and continually define them by it, oh and frequent racists websites.


There are weirdos everywhere. But they are so few and far between that most people don’t even know any white nationalists. I don’t. And I’m a conservative. Where are they? And the power they have equals zero. They are to be pitied not feared.


I see. So you care about oppressed women unless it is inconvenient to you.

I support more immigration. That is, unless the generation of baby boomers agrees to reduce their entitlements substantially and immediately. Given birth rates of native born population, we are in for a world of hurt in a few decades.


Jeez man. Every time we are on the verge of having a civilized discussion you have to go and poison the well. Why, why, why?


I blame my french blood.


I know more white nationalist then I do racial Muslims.


Conservatives start thread after thread regarding their problems with people of a certain skin color…accuse liberals of being obsessed with skin color.


Very true however there are numerous liberals who admit to hang out on their sites. You know for their “own education” lol


■■■■■■■■■ link to and that mentions skin color. The any mention ofcolor is frim liberals. Liberals are so ignorant they seem to think all Muslims are brown.


The pattern is very clear.

I know you think your request was clever, but it really wasn’t.


So you can’t. Just because liberals go immediately to color doesn’t mean others do.


Yes- it’s just a coincidence that the one thing in common in all these threads that are brought up that the people being complained about are all of the same skin color…

A ginormous coincidence.


Lol so you think muslims are all the same color.