Why Coronavirus may spread in the US like wildfire

It may be because right wing radio is telling people that the Coronavirus is just the common cold.

There was the woman who visited her mother at the nursing home and ignored the signs saying Do Not Enter because the doors weren’t locked. (Although I have to ask, why weren’t the doors locked?)

Then there’s the individual in the article below, who decided to get out of their sickbed to go see an event in New Hampshire.

Ooooh, fear mongering. That outta help stimulate some consumerism.



Odd, I see no mention of right wing radio in that article.

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just in case CNN isnt scaring you enough


Who thinks comparing coronavirus to a cold is the responsible thing to do? Go ahead, raise your hands high so we can see you.

It’s been a few months. When exactly does the left wing expect this wildfire to start? :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Cold? No, severe seasonal flu, probably about right.

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That’s a pretty severe flu to match mortality rates. Maybe the Spanish Flu. No need to worry.

I made the mistake of making a Costco run this past Sunday morning. It was, to say the least, an experience.I saw a guy who had seven packages of toilet paper, 30 rolls each. He also had one package of paper towels. The ratio seemed … off.

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That guy was a flaming moron.


I take that back, he may be smarter than us all if dying rear is one of the CV symptoms.


Yeah, describing up to 25x higher mortality rate as “severe” is quite the understatement.

An accurate mortality rate hasn’t been reached yet. I am just going by what the New York Times is telling me. Is that a fake news outlet now?

So you think WHO is releasing inaccurate information? They say it’s 3.4% globally [1].

  1. WHO says coronavirus death rate is 3.4% globally, higher than previously thought

We are starting to see some differences here too. Told wife to get some supplies should an order to avoid going out comes out. Got extra toilet paper, OTC medicines and so on. Not expecting collapse but just want to limit the times going out if needed.

My wife said she noticed the stock in stores seemed short.

No, I think they are telling you what the mortality rate of known cases is. Which is not the same thing and should not be confused as the actual mortality rate that will not and cannot be known until we and they know more about how many people actually got it instead of how many people are known to have it or to have had it, currently.

Uh, brah, the mortality rate can only be calculated based on known information. This is a nonsensical argument.

When they complete the million tests by the end of the week.

Again there is no need to panic and Trump is doing fine with this. Nothing crazy

(no sarcasm)

Fire laws would probably make locking doors impossible without a system designed for thtat.

While that is true, that doesn’t mean preliminary data is to be treated as if it were the final number. So when I said, about as bad as a severe flu, I was referring to the ultimate numbers, not the preliminary.

No one is saying it’s a “final” number. Using the latest data, it’s the most accurate figure we can determine at this point in time. We don’t know what the “ultimate numbers” will be.