Who Will Harris Pick as VP When She Assumes Presidency?

fiction. thanks

Act 77, the Pennsylvania law that legalized no-excuse mail-in voting, came together in 2019 as a compromise between the Democratic and Republican parties. Republicans achieved their goal of abolishing straight-ticket voting, which Democrats agreed to in order to obtain the vote-by-mail expansion.

Mhmm sure it is.

They then came out against it. Pretty cute of them

this isnt msnbc. people arent stupid

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This wasn’t quoted from msnbc and they sure as heck are. People as a group are in fact stupid. That’s what bias confirmation is - people being stupid on a group level. Individually of course it’s different

can you show where they “came out against it”?

In the latest attack on Pennsylvania’s mail-in voting option, 14 Republican state House members filed a lawsuit asking a court to invalidate mail-in balloting by claiming it is unconstitutional.


Your are most welcome.

You’re right. I sometimes confuse the two because Buttigieg is just as anti-gun as Beto, but it was Beto who was stupid enough to admit the Party wants to confiscate guns. In my defense, I didn’t say Buttigieg was the stupidest Democrat with Presidential aspirations, just one of them. :wink:

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this does not show anything of that sort

you play narrative games. just like, well, msnbc

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Them suing to throw out a part of the law they voted for? What does it show then?

How would you address gun violence in America?

We must make background checks universal. We must also close three gaping loopholes in federal law: the “boyfriend loophole” that allows stalkers to buy and possess guns and domestic abusers to have guns simply because they’re not married to their abusers; the “Charleston loophole” that allows dealers to sell a gun after three business days even if their background check application is not complete; and the “hate loophole” that allows people convicted of hate crimes to buy and own guns. It is also critical that we ban the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. We need red flag laws in order to temporarily prevent someone in crisis from accessing firearms.

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Just like TV Man.

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Secretary Pete isn’t anti gun but he does believe in limits to who should have access to guns and the type of guns that should be available. You may not agree with him, and I get that, but he has been consistent and honest about where he stands.

He’s a dumb ass who hates the Constitution.

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You should never vote for him.

Perhaps Trump would be a better choice for you, seeing how he loves and respects the Constitution.

Not a chance.

He would be, but not for that reason. I won’t vote for him either.

Of course, you should vote for Kodos, twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.

That bolded part conflicts with the rest of your post. Seriously!

No, it doesn’t.

Yes it does. The rest of your post cites his anti-gun agenda, it just doesn’t elaborate on the details.

I guess you must think sawed off shotguns and fully automatic guns are OK. That’s fine, you are entitled to your opinion.