Who Will Harris Pick as VP When She Assumes Presidency?

Follow the money.

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She doesn’t need to be smart…Just look at Fang Fang Swalwell…Not smart at all.

good point!

i wouldnt so blithely dismiss it. learn about how communists have had such missions here in US for decades

humanity is simply not ready for what the US represents. some people get it and appreciate it (the actual “progressives”) but not the rest of the bar scene from star wars world

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I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about Beto.

They were so good the last time she ran that they lost the White House by tens of thousands of votes not millions.

That’s some good frauding :man_facepalming:

No, I am going to blithely dismiss it. This secret-Commie-run-by-foreign-powers shtick has been the right’s strategy for years.

didnt stop her from going around the world and on various coddling talk shows saying trump is not legit pres tho huh?

Sure. And? What does that have to do with dems being so good at fraud that they managed to lose the presidency for her.

i figured you would

“fraud?”. i didnt say anything about any outright “fraud”

regardless of what they do they didnt do enough in 2016

so she just sez he is not legit pres. russia or something.

i guess i shouldn’t have assumed that gaming elections is based in anything other than defrauding an election.

oh i see no democrats totally rig the ■■■■ out of them without actually committing any noticeable “fraud” per se, like leftist state supreme courts just up and unconstitutionally changing election laws mere days before the election, depending on the US mail to run elections, stuff like ‘at

the whole “fraud” thing is the bullhorn narrative the media propels because they know there isn’t enough proof of it to affect anything.

some of us realize this sorry

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The Republican led state legislature changed a lot of the rules. Like in PA. But yeah def dems fault.

That;s true. However Swalwell isn’t a presidential prospect either.

He only stays in because of a greatly gerrymandered district i suspect.

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Yeah the radical wing of that party is very cozy with the commies imo.

The party has been somewhat cozy with them for over half a century.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

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yeah, def dems, legislation signed by Tom “wear your masks” Wolf

Passed by a Republican legislature. The same legislature then started talking about how bad the law is that they passed. The very same legislature. Just pure magic.

A century old talking point. The red scare is coming.