Who Will Harris Pick as VP When She Assumes Presidency?

I bet Hillary is on the short list.

They never go away, scumbag trash Clintons


It’s not going to happen, but Clinton is not on the list at all.

There’s no way.


i cannot imagine (literally, not able to imagine) Biden lasting another 3 years

and… as always, H keeps popping up in the news on world stage.

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I suspect that a more likely scenario is that the Harris will become acting president until the 50-50 split in the Senate changes.

If Biden resigns and Harris becomes President, then Democrats lose control of the Senate with a 50-50 split.

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There’s no way Fweedom would share the spotlight with someone more politically powerful.

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good point

but what about if it leads the way to the presidency?

she wouldn’t be first female elected pres, but neither would harris.

now that they perfected scamming a pres into office she would run again

if there’s a way you can bet theyre turning that crank

I think you are discounting the level of pettiness involved.

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The Vice President is the tie-breaker in the Senate.

If Harris becomes President and Republicans are united, Republicans have an effective veto on any legislation. A tie vote is not the majority required for approval.

…and what happens when she is replaced with another VP. Aren’t we then back to where we started?


Who do you think would become the new tie breaker?

they are very petty, and mad for power and control, like foaming dogs.

it’s all part of my calculus

On a personal level.

You ever known a female willing to share the spotlight with another female?


it would be temporary

For any length of time?

if it meant “president Clinton” i would say definitely

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The Olsen twins? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Then the high heel would be on the other foot and Hildawg wouldn’t allow it.

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So let’s see, his people are openly contradicting his statements now, the press has stopped covering for him. It’s time to install Harris. He is likely to be impeached or 25th before the mids. How long can you be President the first time without it counting toward term limit?

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Half minus a day.