Who Will Harris Pick as VP When She Assumes Presidency?

of course you do

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it’s not rocket surgi-science

wow just like it’s 2015

you guys sure do stick to the script i’ll give ya that

Hillary is younger than Biden

dont you succumb to the NYT?


explain why, besides that he’s gloriously gay. to be fair i realize nothing else matters to democrats. nothing

well, except that if he was a manly black woman but enough about 2023

hard not to get personal when you have nothing else huh?

his gay?

you that afraid to engage?

I doubt Chelsea is smart enough to get any where. Just my opinion.

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these maniac heathens are plenty smart. dont underestimate them

:+1: :rofl:

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Not Chelsea. Hillary is smart in a wicked sort of way.


LOL Old Crone … or Hag, if you prefer. :wink:

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Yesterday’s trash. :wink:

It worked for Biden. :wink:

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But he is 900 years stupid, so there is that. :wink:

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Sure did. He said “damned right I’m coming for your guns.” How stupid was that? :wink:

Not in dog years. :wink:

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Biden and Harris were picked by the CCP and appointed by the DNC as ideal for the completion of the demoralisation phase of communist takeover: demoralisation, destabilization, crisis, normalization.

“According to Benzmenov, the potential recruits and reputable people in the eyes of the KGB were narcissistic, greedy, morally devoid individuals who can help destabilise their country of origin.”


Biden and Harris fit the bill. They are not concerned about their bad press. Their goal is to appear incompetent and make the citizens ashamed of themselves and a system that would elect two such incompetent politicians to lead the country. They are merely “narcissistic, greedy, morally devoid” actors playing roles for the advance of the communist cause who expect to be materially rewarded and eventually lauded for their roles in a history written by the communist victors.

The CCP will tell the DNC and thd DNC will tell Harris who to pick. Puppets don’t make their own decisions.

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Yeah, that is totally what is happening🙄